Superbug from India and Pakistan Invading Britain


An antibiotic resistant “superbug” created by something called the New Delhi-Metallo-1 (NDM-1) enzyme (some have called it a gene) has started to cause problems in Britain.  Some believe that it could spread worldwide as it is resistant to almost all antibiotics (

According to Lancet, cases have turned up in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.  According to other sources, the USA as well (Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Moving From South Asia to US).

New Delhi-Metallo-1 has turned up in various hospitals in the UK.  So far, only about 50 cases have been reported in the United Kingdom, but because of its behavior, many are concerned (

Some believe that New Delhi-Metallo-1 entered Great Britain from people going to India/Pakistan for low-cost cosmetic surgeries (  With modern air travel, however, many ways are possible.

Anyway, what makes New Delhi-Metallo-1 so dangerous is that it may be able to pass into all bacteria.   Since it gets inside the bacteria, it is very difficult to treat with antibiotics.

Jesus foretold of a time of pestilences coming, during “the beginning of sorrows” (Matthew 24:7-8).  I do not believe that, of itself, New Delhi-Metallo-1 is it, yet.  Overtime, it or something similar will become a potent force.  Watch (Mark 13).

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