India’s Currency Rise Against the US Dollar


Many are probably not aware the currency of India continues to rise compared to the US dollar:


NEW DELHI — The Indian government isn’t concerned as of now over the gain in the rupee against the U.S. dollar, the finance secretary said Monday, signaling the government’s growing tolerance for a stronger currency given that the unit is poised to firm up more through the year on the back of higher capital inflows.

The USA appears prophesied to NOT get its fiscal deficits in order–hence other currencies will tend to strengthen as the US dollar weakens.

And while India and other parts of Asia will flourish, the most vibrant economy and the area that according to the Bible will temporarily dominate the world will be based in Europe, and not Asia.

However, that does not mean that India will not prosper more than it now does.

Those in North America should ask themselves why the US dollar is dropping against currencies such as the rupee of India.  Is it not because of moral issues that the USA is losing its lead in many areas?  And if the USA is losing its lead, where do Americans think this will end?

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