India and Iran Ditch Dollar for Gold


India has made a deal with Iran:

Gold for Oil: India and Iran Ditch Dollar – Report
Jan 23, 2012 excerpts…
According to a new and yet unconfirmed report, India bought oil from Iran using gold. India certainly has the gold resources to fund the oil, while Iran is under pressure by the West, due the continuation of its nuclear program.

Iran may feel that moving gold is easier in the case of sanctions than US dollars.  Furthermore, this switch to gold from the US dollar or even the Euro indicates that gold is starting to rise up as the back-up reserve currency for many in the world (which is something the website has warned about for years).

Iran itself continues to be in the news with major concerns about it:

How Iran Could Trigger Accidental Armageddon

Jan 24, 2012…

An outright attack on Israel – – a country possessing as many as 200 nuclear weapons and sophisticated delivery systems — would lead to the obliteration of Tehran, the deaths of millions, and the destruction of Iran’s military and industrial capabilities.

The mullahs know this…Here’s one possible scenario for the not-so-distant future: Hezbollah, Iran’s Lebanese proxy, launches a cross-border attack into Israel, or kills a sizable number of Israeli civilians with conventional rockets. Israel responds by invading southern Lebanon, and promises, as it has in the past, to destroy Hezbollah. Iran, coming to the defense of its proxy, warns Israel to cease hostilities, and leaves open the question of what it will do if Israel refuses to heed its demand.

Imagine that Israel detects a mobilization of Iran’s rocket force or the sudden movement of mobile missile launchers. Does Israel assume the Iranians are bluffing, or that they are not? And would Israel have time to figure this out? Or imagine the opposite: Might Iran, which will have no second-strike capability for many years — that is, no reserve of nuclear weapons to respond with in an exchange — feel compelled to attack Israel first, knowing that it has no second chance?

The situation with Iran is tense, and it is certainly possible that it will use others, such as Hezbollah and/or Syria to start or be involved in a conflict with Israel on its behalf.

Much in the world is changing.  We should all watch (Mark 13:37).

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