Billboard Company Will Question God, But Not Obama


The following news story caught my attention this morning:

DOUBLE STANDARDS?: Advertiser Accused of Going Soft on Obama, Hard On Religion.

(November 16, 2009)

*A major billboard company has allowed signs that question the validity of Christian faith, even though it rejected a billboard campaign that asked for documentation of President Barack Obama’s eligibility during his presidential campaign.Lamar Outdoor, one of the largest providers of billboard space in America, is being challenged for what some say is poor judgment and a double standard.

Billboards that ask…challenges to Christianity have popped up in at lease one market.

“We think it’s misleading to indicate there’s any question about the president’s birth certificate. We looked at it and we made the call” Lamar spokesman Hal Kilshaw told Word News Dailey. But now the United Coalition of Reason has a campaign to post billboards questioning the need for God. And the billboard company sees nothing wrong with that saying it has to do with freedom of religious choice.

Of course, there is a God and Barack Obama was born.  But it is also true that the official computer generated birth certificate for Barack Obama is not his original one (which he may not have as his family may have had to provide it to the government of Indonesia when he lived there).

Now, let me add here that I am not questioning whether or not Barack Obama is technically qualified to be USA President.  My point is that it is odd that God is allowed to be questioned, but a lack of an original birth certificate is not allowed to be questioned.

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