G-7 condemns Crimean attempt at democracy; Religious complications in Ukraine

Southern Portion of Crimea (Sergiy Klymenko)


The bastions of democracy called the G-7 have condemned the upcoming Crimean vote on whether it should become independent or join Russia:

G-7 Leaders Condemn Russia-backed Crimea Vote

VOA News

March 12, 2014

Joined by other leaders, the G-7 is calling on Russia to cease all efforts to change the status of Ukraine’s peninsula in violation of  Ukrainian and international law.

A controversial Moscow-backed referendum on the territory’s status, which the West has said it will not recognize, is planned for Sunday.

“Any such referendum would have no legal effect.  Given the lack of adequate preparation and the intimidating presence of Russian troops, it would also be a deeply flawed process which would have no moral force.  For all these reasons, we would not recognize the outcome,” says the G-7 statement as released by the White House.

Citing a number of international agreements the referendum would violate, the statement also stresses that “the annexation of Crimea [by Russia] could have grave implications for the legal order that protects the unity and sovereignty of all states.”

“Should the Russian Federation take such a step, we will take further action, individually and collectively,” the statement adds.

The statement was issued by the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States as well as the president of the European Council and the president of the European Commission.  http://www.voanews.com/content/obama-meeting-ukraines-new-pm-at-white-house/1869405.html

Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

March 12, 2014

The leaders of the G-7 countries issues a stern admonition Wednesday to Russia for its aggression in Ukraine, warning that it would not recognize the outcome of a referendum in Crimea and would take collective action if Russia moved to annex the region.  http://time.com/21240/g-7-nations-wont-recognize-crimea-referendum/

March 12, 2014

US Secretary of State John Kerry has refused to meet President Putin of Russia until he gets certain assurances from Moscow…

Mr Kerry handed Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov a paper one-and-a-half pages long which stated that any solution must respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity…

There has been no official response but the Kremlin has quoted the foreign minister as saying the document raises many questions on their side and the US has in effect accepted a coup d’etat against President Yanukovych as a starting point.  http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-26524097

The USA is disturbed that Crimeans could vote to become independent (and hence likely join Russia’s Eurasian Union) or vote to become annexed by Russia.  If the G-7 thought that the Crimeans would vote to support western Ukraine, they would seemingly back this Crimean attempt at democracy.

Instead, the West backed the military coup last Summer that overthrew the democratically elected President of Egypt, as was as the mob (which had support from aspects of parliament) that ousted elected President Yanukovych.  Now, I am not backing either side on this, nor do I believe that this will end well in the long run for those in Ukraine.  It is just that various leaders associated with the ‘bastions of democracy’ do not seem to see the hypocritical nature of their positions (scriptures, etc. related to this are in the news post Some are blasting the USA’s hypocrisy related to Russia and Ukraine; Kremlin signals it is willing to annex Crimea).

What about religious leaders?

Well, Pope Francis is currently at a week-long retreat, so he is not making many statements related to this.  He did call for a peaceful resolution.  While one would think because there are more Roman Catholics in western Ukraine that he might come out on their side, but he did not.


Probably several reasons.  One of which is that the Vatican has praised Russia’s President Putin (Vatican credits Russia’s Putin for ‘defending Christianity’ and confirms a meeting and Russia’s Putin and Pope Francis both kiss Marian icon) and likely sees no reason to directly get in his way. But the bigger reason may be because he is ecumenical.  Pope Francis likely sees no benefit in upsetting the relations that the Vatican has been trying to cement with the Eastern Orthodox.  Pope Francis is to meet with Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew in May, and as it turns out, many of those in eastern Ukraine are aligned directly or indirectly aligned with him.  Many of those Orthodox in western Ukraine are NOT in communion with the rest of the Eastern Orthodox, and their version of Orthodoxy has long been considered to be a bit nationalistic and opposed to Russian influence.

The Eastern Orthodox themselves held a conference a few days ago.  Here are some excerpts about that:

March 11, 2014

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Patriarchs of the world’s 250 million Orthodox Christians ended a rare summit in Istanbul on Sunday calling for a peaceful end to the crisis in Ukraine and denouncing violence driving Christians out of the Middle East.

Twelve heads of autonomous Orthodox churches, the second-largest family of Christian churches, also agreed to hold a summit of bishops, or ecumenical council, in 2016, which will be the first in over 1,200 years…

The Russian Orthodox Church, with 165 million members by far the largest in the Orthodox family, last month issued a statement along with Moscow’s Foreign Ministry about what they said were attacks on revered historic monasteries in Kiev and Pochayiv in western Ukraine…

Closely aligned with President Vladimir Putin on Ukraine policy, the Russian church has a partner Ukrainian Orthodox Church mostly in the Russian-speaking east of the country that is loyal to the Moscow patriarchate.

There are two rival Orthodox churches mostly in western Ukraine, both meant to be Ukrainian national churches. Neither is part of the global Orthodox communion and the patriarchs’ communique expressed the hope they would one day join it.  http://www.ecumenicalnews.com/article/orthodox-patriarchs-urge-peace-in-ukraine-agree-on-council-22801

There have been differences between the direction that the Ukrainian Orthodox, Roman Catholics, and Russian Orthodox in Ukraine have wanted to go (I plan to write more about the upcoming ecumenical conference later today as it is consistent with prophecy-see also Why Should American Catholics Fear Unity with the Orthodox?).

Many of the Russians and Crimeans do not recognize the interim government that is now in Kiev as legitimate–so the Kiev government has  decided that not only does it not recognize Ukraine’s elected president (which it ousted), nor will it recognize the votes in Crimea.  And the G-7 are supporting the interim government, and are opposing Crimean democracy.

As far as those in Ukraine go, based upon my review of scriptures, there can be no doubt that war is in their future if they support the rising European Union or the upcoming Eurasian Union (watch the new video Ukraine in Prophecy?).  Ultimately too it should be noted, they will, at least for a time, support an improper religious ecumenical understanding that the Bible warns against (Revelation 13:4,8; 14:9-11; 18:4).

Those in Ukraine, including the area known as Crimea, need our prayers and the kingdom of God.

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