Russia Supplying Air Defense Systems to China

Chinese Soldiers


Russia and China are getting closer together:

China buys air defense systems from Russia
Reuters – April 2, 2010
. (Reuters) – Russia has delivered 15 batteries of S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to China, Interfax news agency reported on Friday, under a contract analysts said could be worth as much as $2.25 billion.China is a major buyer of Russian weapons, and the two countries say they are trying to forge a strategic partnership, …

Notice that Russia and China are trying to “forge a strategic partnership”.

The Bible (e.g. Daniel 11:44) tells of a time when a power in Europe (called the “King of the North“) will be troubled by news from the east (like China) and the north (like Russia).

Russia and China are both dedicated to upgrading and strengthening their military power.  They are likely to fulfill several prophecies in Daniel, Revelation, and other portions of the Bible within the next ten years.

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