Swiss vote to expel foreign criminals


In a move that should not be considered as unexpected, the Swiss have voted to deport foreign criminals:

Swiss voters have agreed to expel foreigners convicted of crimes ranging from murder to welfare fraud, without appeal, in the latest example of a sweeping set of popular antiforeigner measures around Europe.

Some 53 percent of Swiss voted for a “Deportation Initiative” brought by the far-right Swiss People’s Party (SVP) a year after it engineered an initiative banning the building of minarets. Senior European Union officials decried a new “populist surge” on the continent…

The Deportation Initiative requires local judges to automatically deport persons of foreign origin whether or not they were born in Switzerland – and deportations apply to major crimes as well as lesser crimes, such as drug trafficking or fraudulent acceptance of unemployment benefits.

This is causing Switzerland some international concerns as some of the, now to be required, deportations may violate various international treaties the Swiss have approved.

The vote also resulted in protests in Zurich.

But across Europe, Europeans have been rising up against certain immigrants and practices (such as what the Swiss did last year, see Switzerland Votes to Ban Minarets and the French and others are doing, see Burqa Banning in Belgium, Italy, France, and Australia).   There is voter unrest and even some civil unrest.

Things are changing in Europe.  Including in Switzerland.

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