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Joseph Tkach, president of the Worldwide Church of God was in the following news story:

Many Evangelical Denominations Have No Megachurches,Survey Finds

Christian Post – Aug 14, 2008

Many evangelical church denominations have no megachurches, a new survey finds.

Evangelical leaders participating in the July survey of the National Association of Evangelicals reported that their denomination has few, if any, large churches.

Moreover, “none” was the top answer from evangelical leaders when asked about the role megachurches play in their denominations.

Joseph Tkach of the Worldwide Church of God said megachurches play no role in his denomination.

“We view them as a modern invention that does not follow the pattern of the early church. And of course, we do not view all of the megachurches as being the same. Some are exceptionally good and some are not,” he said.


Perhaps, Joseph Tkach and the other “evangelicals” should consider that the evangelical movement itself is a fairly modern invention, starting essentially with the dispensationalists on the 19th century.

The true Church of God, which the OLD WCG was part of, has existed throughout history.

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