WCG Canada to Change its Name

Worldwide Church of God Transformed from Truth to Fairy Tales


The following news item should not be a considered as a surprise:

Canadian Christianity – Dec 22, 2009

No longer worldwide

Worldwide Church of GodCanada is in the process of changing its name to Grace Communion International-Canada. In a recent survey, Canadian congregations voted 60 percent to 20 percent in favour of the change. The US branch of the church made a similar change in 2009. The denomination was founded by radio preacher Herbert W. Armstrong in 1934 and was widely considered a cult at one time but has since become accepted as a mainstream evangelical denomination.


The fact that the WCG of the USA earlier switched to GCI suggested that foreign affiliates would likely change their names as well.

Despite the fact that mainstream groups applaud WCG’s changes since the death of Herbert W. Armstrong, the reality is that the new GCI is no longer a real “Church of God” and the group that was led by the late HWA was.

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