Vision Passes UCG

The Above Map Show the Number of Internet Users By Country


Because I reported that Vision was not doing well (see COGaIC: Vision Lacking), yesterday when I noticed a dramatic change in its Alexa ratings, I thought for the first time ever to report the one week Alexa rankings for a variety of COG-related websites (Note: right after I did this, Alexa updated again, so the statistics are here are for the prior week–but are still fairly close to current).

And while one week numbers do not make a trend (and Alexa has flaws), they sometimes can be interesting. Here is what they showed yesterday morning (the lower the number, the more popular the site was): (D. Hulme) 112,158 113,728 (G. Flurry) 136,487 (A. Ruth) 161,564 164,106 191,814 (LCG) 199,120 (R. Weinland) 208,408 (CGG) 228,223 (D. Pack) 258,001 (James Malm) 532,145 (ICG) 582,735 646,783 (R. Dart) 761,233 (C. Bryce) 1,696,249 (R. McNair) 1,716,027 (W. Rose) 1,999,321 (Harold Smith) 2,051,032 (Norbert Link) 2,193,496 (Fred, Coulter) 2,356,258 (W. Dankenbring) 2,604,380 3,685,275

Now the above list is NOT all-inclusive. Also, if a group has multiple official sites, I only listed the one that had the highest ranking.

It seems that after I posted on August 5, 2008 that Vision was not doing well, they did something as its rating the week before was about 241,835. I doubt that they will stay on top–this is the first time I recall seeing Vision passing UCG. But for the last two weeks they were.

I reported the weekly data also because it shows that D. Pack and R. Weinland dropped (both of them were ahead of UCG at times in the past), but that some did well the same week. But those who call or consider themselves prophets and apostles through self-appointment will ultimately not do well (see 2 Peter 2:1-3).

And one of those is James Malm, another self-appointed public predictor whose predictions I have denounced at my website–he will probably increase his influence the remainder of 2008 and into early 2009 (I began reporting on him in 2007, see At Least Two Wrongly Claim Great Tribulation Will Begin in 2008).

But getting back to internet impact, if combined sites (many groups have multiple sites) are considered for the normal three month interval (the standard Alexa ranking), then in terms of internet impact UCG would be 1st or 2nd, LCG would be 1st or 2nd (including COGwriter and YouTube), PCG would be third, A. Ruth 4th, RCG 5th or 6th, and Ron Weinland 5th or 6th.

If all media (internet, tv, radio, and print) are considered, the COGs who currently are most effective in reaching people in order would be LCG, UCG, PCG, ICG, and then probably CEM.

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