WCG’s J. Tkach Again Misunderstands Jesus

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This morning I received an email from WCG that had links to two articles written by its leader, Joseph Tkach.  Here are some excerpts from both of them:

In Agoura Hills, about 180 elders, ministry leaders, and members gathered to learn how our connection with Christ translates into more meaningful ministry in our communities…

I gave the keynote address on Friday evening, titled “The Mystery of Godliness: Connected in Christ.”
In this presentation, I explain the key elements of a Trinitarian, Christ-centered theology…

Even though he is God, he is also human, one of us. 

Sadly, despite having some type of theological training, Joesph Tkach simply does not wish to teach the truth about the Godhead.  Jesus emptied Himself of His divinity while on earth, the Bible does not teach about a trinitarian God, and the early Christian Church was clearly binitarian.

Several articles of related interest would include:

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