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In the latest issue of LCG’s Tomorrow’s World magazine, Wyatt Ciesielka wrote:

The global economic news has been brutal, but it is actually worse than many people realize.
Not only are people losing everything, and not only are companies going bankrupt, but even entire nations are failing. From poor nations such as Zimbabwe, to wealthy nations such as Dubai, governments have either already collapsed, or risk collapsing under severe economic strain.
Consider Iceland. Seemingly prosperous, Iceland rapidly went bankrupt in December 2008! Unable to pay its external debts, Iceland quickly could not import even basic goods and services! Its currency—the krona—became effectively worthless. Individual wealth vanished and day-to-day economic activity ground to a halt. Subsequently, the Icelandic government collapsed on January 26, 2009, making it the first national casualty of the global economic crisis…

Can America and Britain Fail?

If multinational companies and modern nations can fail, and if international support continues to wane, then could the U.S. and the U.K. fail?
Last July, The New York Times asked a bold question. Arguing for worldwide economic cooperation to assist America, the author argued that, “In the global economy of the moment, the United States itself is too big to fail” (“Too Big to Fail?”, July 20, 2008)…
When this New York Times article ran, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was still near 12,000 and many argued that this would be just another cyclical financial adjustment. But, as our Editor in Chief wrote months before the economic meltdown, “…the U.S. is headed for a financial catastrophe unless major changes occur!” And, “…our leaders are being overwhelmed with catastrophes they will be increasingly unable to manage, which will greatly weaken the prestige and power of the U.S. and the British-descended nations.” As this Work has long warned, the root causes of this coming catastrophe are our national sins, and our ignoring of God’s laws (“What Is Ahead for America?”, Tomorrow’s World, May-June 2008).
The increasing reality is that America and Britain are being kept afloat by foreign money and by a faltering hope among China, Europe and other nations that they remain worthwhile investments. The necessary question then becomes: when will we be allowed to fail?

America and Britain Are Failing Now

Since the above articles, the American and British financial systems have hemorrhaged trillions of dollars. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is struggling to recover, after having plunged to less than half of its 2008 levels, and both small and mighty U.S. and British companies have declared bankruptcy, or have simply ceased to exist.
The UK’s Insolvency Service agency reports that last year 15,535 British companies failed, and 67,428 people went bankrupt in England and Wales; an increase of more than 51 percent over the same period a year ago (see In the U.S., recent announcements include the termination of: 73,000 from Citigroup, 35,000 from Bank of America, 34,000 from General Motors, 25,000 from Hewlett-Packard and EDS and 22,000 from Caterpillar. The list goes on. New unemployment benefits in March “unexpectedly rose to the highest level in over 26 years”—a staggering 669,000 per week—pushing the numbers of Americans receiving jobless benefits to 5.73 million and climbing (Reuters, April 2, 2009).

The World Is Passing Away

Capitalism, democracy and free-markets did not make America and Britain great. God made America and Britain great. However, our nations rejected our Creator and His laws. Instead, we worship wealth. We crave and export violence and sex. We profane God’s Sabbaths. We divorce, murder, covet, lie, and steal God’s tithes and offerings (Malachi 3:8).
Knowing our nations would reject Him, God warned that He would withdraw His blessings and we would become oppressed and eventually conquered (Micah 5:10–15; Deuteronomy 28:15–68). This economic and eventual military decline will lead to the Great Tribulation spoken of by Jesus Christ in Matthew 24:21.
God’s faithful Church has long proclaimed the “Ezekiel warning” (Ezekiel 3:17–19) of repentance, and also the good news of Christ’s return as King of kings (Matthew 24:14). We have long advised paying off debt, reducing expenses, and—more importantly—humbly and zealously returning to God to prepare for Christ’s return, because “the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever” (1 John 2:17).
Will our nations humbly heed God’s clear and powerful prophetic warnings while there is still time? Will you?

Here is a link to the full article America and Britain: “Too Big to Fail”?

It is the first sentence of Wyatt Ciesielka’s article that I really want people to consider.  The global economy, especially for the USA, UK, and their Anglo-allies is actually worse than almost all realize (Iceland, which will likely align with the European Union is in a different category).

Those in the media do not understand the identities of the Anglo-peoples, the fact that their nations were blessed because of God’s promises (to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob), and that those who receive the blessings are subject to also receiving the cursings if they turn their backs on the true God of Israel.

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