Problems in Belgium and Iceland

Northern Shore of Reykjavík, Iceland


It is not just the USA and its Anglo allies that are experiencing economic problems.  Let’s look at news of first Belgium and then Iceland:

Belgian king mulls formal government resignation

AFP – Dec 19, 2008

BRUSSELS (AFP) — Belgium’s King Albert II ushered in Friday a new period of political uncertainty, deferring a decision on whether to allow the government to resign over a legal scandal linked to a major bank break-up.

After his justice minister fell on his sword over fresh allegations from a top judge, embattled Prime Minister Yves Leterme headed to the royal palace, where he has been a regular visitor during 18 months of crises, to quit.

But the monarch — who instantly rejected Leterme’s attempted resignation in the summer — decided to wait before making a decision, amid widespread doubts about who else might be capable of leading Belgium out of its long malaise.

Damaging economic downturn and a sovereign need to unite the country’s linguistic communities led to urgent consultations late last night with the king’s most trusted advisers.

Iceland: frozen assets

Six months ago, Iceland was one of the world’s richest nations. Now it’s bankrupt. AA Gill visits the first victim of the economic ice age

The Sunday Times – Dec 14, 2008

…the penury of the Icelandic banking system, the collapse of its currency, the parlous implosion of its economy that relegated it from being, per capita, the second or third richest nation in the world to being the shivering Big Issue-seller of Europe, bobbing in the queue somewhere behind Albania and Moldova, is not actually the worst thing that ever happened to this island. That would have to be the two occasions when the plague wiped out more than half of everybody. Iceland didn’t have any rats, but they got Europe’s worst case of bubonic deaths without them. That’s unheard of. That’s virtually impossible — but that’s how Iceland’s luck is. It’s said you make your own luck; it’s never said that your luck also makes you…

Reykjavik is littered with the detritus and shells of things that were once going so well and now aren’t going at all. Like the big four-wheel-drives, bought on a promise and the never-never. The biggest is a Babel-ish building site, palisaded by protective cranes, which was hoping to be a music hall, the Sydney Opera House of the far, far north. There is still a visitors’ centre, with a girl on the phone looking for a new job. There’s a toy model of what it is now unlikely to look like. You can peer through a telescope at nobody working…

Let’s just be clear about what Iceland really is. Most people think it’s the size of the Isle of Wight with the population of, say, Holland. It’s bigger than Hungary, bigger than South Korea, which has a population of 50m. There are just over 300,000 people in Iceland. So that’s a country the size of Portugal with the population of Bradford. Those are Mr Brown’s terrorists.

Iceland imagined that Europe and America would help it out. After all, it has always helped us out. Keflavik was a vital Nato base between the east coast of America and the west coast of Europe in the cold war. We were all in this together. Except, as they were to learn, we were only in it together if we were fat enough to buy ourselves the solution. The Russians bailed Iceland out: Reykjavik could be a very useful place to launder money and cock a snook. And the Faroe Islands, bless them, population 48,000, lent £34m. Everyone in Iceland signed a thank-you card. And finally the IMF came up with a rescue package….

Iceland has grasped this weakness, this greed, this business with money, and turned its back to take an unsentimental look at itself.

Notice how Iceland quickly moved from being wealthy to being an economic problem.  This is almost the case in Belgium–which is somewhat more of a political than financial problem (though its high debt is also a concern).  However, these are both fairly small nations.  And it appears that they will receive enough help to get by.

Right now, the world is not letting the USA fall, but when it does, it will crash much harder than either Belgium or Iceland.

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