‘Brazil rejects Berlin’s call for arms deliveries to Ukraine and aims to mediate in the Ukraine war’


A reader sent me a link to the following from a German source:

Brazil rejects Berlin’s call for arms deliveries to Ukraine and aims to mediate in the Ukraine war

2 February 2023

BRASÍLIA/BERLIN (Own report) – In open defiance of Germany and the other Western powers, Brazil rejects all arms deliveries to Ukraine and pushes, instead, for a mediation initiative to end the Ukraine war. Brazil sees itself as a “land of peace” and rejects any involvement in this war, was President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s response Monday to Berlin’s demand during German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s visit, that ammunition for the Gepard anti-aircraft tank be provided to Kiev. Rather than constantly fueling the war with ever more weapons, a mediation initiative must be launched, with the possible contribution from China, in particular, but also from India and Indonesia, according to Lula. Scholz does not support such an initiative from the Global South to end the fighting and raised his objections on Monday. However, more and more governments, particularly in the Global South, such as, most recently Columbia and Egypt, but also Israel are promoting a negotiated solution.  …

Already last year, Latin America governments, to a large extent, had kept themselves out of the Ukraine war and the West’s economic war against Russia. At the March 2 UN General Assembly vote, most of them, including the three countries German Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited form Saturday to Monday (Argentina, Brazil, Chile), had condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine.[1] However, they had rejected any further partisanship in the conflict. …

The West’s demand to participate in supplying ammunition and arms to Ukraine, so far, has met with stiff resistance in Latin America.  …

“A group of countries must be quickly brought to the negotiating table,” to discuss “peace between Russia and Ukraine,” declared Lula. Brazil, he said, is readily “prepared to make a contribution.”

Governments of the Global South have long been calling, and with growing intensity, for a negotiated settlement. https://www.german-foreign-policy.com/en/news/detail/9151

Brazil is in an alliance called BRICS which stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Its President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has longed shared various views with Russia and is working with Russia, so his position should not come as a surprise.

The Global South basically includes everything other than Europe, Russia and North America. And, of course, Russia agrees that there should be a negotiated settlement.

Here is another report related to South America, Germany, and the Ukrainian conflict:

Germany Fails to Gain Support for Ukraine in South America

February 2, 2023

SINGAPORE — Argentine and Chilean leaders lowered the odds that they may offer more backing for Ukraine during German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s inaugural South America tour, reflecting existing differences between the West and its South American allies.

On the first two legs of his trip, Scholz highlighted the importance of unity, noting that all three countries he was poised to visit — Argentina, Chile, and Brazil — decried Russian actions in Ukraine at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly last year.

Nonetheless, the effects of the war and Western sanctions on Russia, such as rising food and energy prices, have sent economies in South America into freefall, heightening doubts about the West’s approach toward the Ukraine issue.

Skepticism towards interventionism also looms in South America due to its historical legacy.

Scholz’s Argentine and Chilean counterparts said they hoped to see a peaceful resolution of the conflict, but did not indicate more support for Ukraine. https://thenewamerican.com/germany-fails-to-gain-support-for-ukraine-in-south-america/

Last year, Argentina formally asked to be a member of the BRICS’ alliance, so its hesitation to send arms against Russia would seem consistent with that. Chile is an “associated state” for the Mercosur group, which is dominated by Brazil and Argentina, so its hesitancy could also be related to that.

As far as Latin America, Europe, and Russia go, here are some comments (with some added bolding) in our free online book Lost Tribes and Prophecies: What will happen to Australia, the British Isles, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and the United States of America?:

As far as Latin America goes, unlike the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons), we do not believe that the indigenous peoples of Latin America represent the ‘lost tribes.’

In centuries before the Roman Empire rose to power, the Canaanites from Carthage in North Africa dominated and migrated to the Spanish peninsula. Later, much of Spain was conquered by Arabs and by the descendants of the Carthaginians who bore the name of “Moors” — meaning “Amorites” (Genesis 17:4). There were also the blond Spaniards of Chaldean extraction who entered Spain after 400 A.D.  [Hoeh H. Good News magazine, March 1958].

The bulk of the Spanish and Portuguese people who came to the New World were in ancient times the sons of Javan (Genesis 10:4)—though some reportedly were from the tribe of Judah.

When the Spanish and Portuguese came to the New World, they completely eclipsed the culture of nearly all the indigenous peoples, who were descendants of Tiras, the son of Japheth (Genesis 10:2). As the centuries have passed, the overwhelming bulk of Latin-American people have become MESTIZOS — meaning “mixed.” The ruling classes are still partly Spanish in some areas and some indigenous peoples exist, but most in Latin America are mixed.

Whether mixed or not, the bulk of those in Latin Americans are considered to ethnically be Gentiles.

Latin America has a lot of ethnic and social ties to Europe, as do many other nations in the Caribbean and South America (which includes the a few non-Latin nations—which also have European ties). Though there may be some initial hesitation, those areas are expected to align with the coming Beast power and prosper from it (cf. Revelation 18:15).

However, they will also be subject to the plagues (Revelation chapters 15, 16, & 18), etc. of the ‘Day of the Lord.’

Yet those regions are not prophesied to have the type of destruction that will come from a power “from the north” and “the ends of the earth” that will destroy much of continental Europe (e.g. Jeremiah 50:41-44)—and some in South America may well turn against Europe. …

Notice some of what will happen to the coming European Babylonian Beast power led by a power from the farthest parts of the earth (Russia is the nation that is the farthest east and close to being the farthest north nation):

22 Thus says the Lord: “Behold, a people comes from the north country, And a great nation will be raised from the farthest parts of the earth.

23 They will lay hold on bow and spear; They are cruel and have no mercy; Their voice roars like the sea; And they ride on horses, As men of war set in array against you, O daughter of Zion.”

24 We have heard the report of it; Our hands grow feeble. Anguish has taken hold of us, Pain as of a woman in labor. 25 Do not go out into the field, Nor walk by the way. Because of the sword of the enemy, Fear is on every side. 26 O daughter of my people, Dress in sackcloth And roll about in ashes! Make mourning as for an only son, most bitter lamentation; For the plunderer will suddenly come upon us. (Jeremiah 6:22-26)

41 “Behold, a people shall come from the north, And a great nation and many kings Shall be raised up from the ends of the earth. 42 They shall hold the bow and the lance; They are cruel and shall not show mercy. Their voice shall roar like the sea; They shall ride on horses, Set in array, like a man for the battle, Against you, O daughter of Babylon.

43 “The king of Babylon has heard the report about them, And his hands grow feeble; Anguish has taken hold of him, Pangs as of a woman in childbirth.  (Jeremiah 50:41-43)

The “great nation” from the “farthest parts of the earth” includes Russia. There are also nations that will be confederate with it. Those would also include China and other nations in Asia, and particularly in the Far East. The “Daughter of Babylon” Jeremiah referred to is not ancient Babylon, but the end-time European power. The “kings … from the ends of the earth” may also include South Africa, which is a BRICS nation that has also conducted military drills with Russia and China [Maromo J. SA-China-Russia military exercise … IOL, January 22, 2023]. Some nations in South America may also be involved as they seem to be part of the “ends of the earth.” When the “daughter of Babylon” is in the process of falling, many will abandon supporting it. Jeremiah 50 is part of the second woe [Lesson 36 – Feast of Trumpets – Why Christ Must Come Again! 58 Lesson Ambassador College Correspondence Course, 1969 revision].

The rejection of Germany’s pressure is consistent with the comments in the book.

South America does not also do what Europe wants.

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