Euro Bailout and USA Deriviatives

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The stock market in Europe apparently likes the bailout package:

  • MAY 10, 2010, 9:44 A.M. ET

European Markets Surge


European stocks surged Monday, as investors took heart from a €750 billion ($954.83 billion) rescue package intended to stabilize the single currency and prevent the Greek debt crisis from spreading to other member countries…

On top of this, the U.S. Federal Reserve said Sunday that it would revive an emergency lending program used during the financial crisis. The Fed will ship billions of dollars overseas through foreign central banks, including the ECB, so they can, in turn, lend the money out to banks in their home countries in need of dollar funding.

But all is not rosy.  The USA is in debt itself, thus has to create more debt to support the Euro.

And there is another potential massive problem just under the surface of sovereign debt, and that is something called derivatives:

DEFINITION: “Although the term derivative encompasses a bewildering variety of contractual arrangements, derivatives are in essence agreements that do not involve any immediate payment or transfer of assets, but only the exchange of mutual promises to pay some amount of money determined by the performance of a currency, interest rate, commodities price, stock, or stock index. In other words, derivatives are bets on the future performance of some underlying rate or price.” by Lynn A. Stout, Brookings Review, Vol. 14, Winter 1996

Notice the following news item about them:

Stock market time bomb?
Derivatives crash could blow up the global economy
Washington Times – May 10, 2010

By Arnaud de Borchgrave, editor-at-large of The Washington Times and of United Press International.

Even the world’s most savvy stock-market giants (e.g., Warren E. Buffett) have warned over the past decade that derivatives are the fiscal equivalent of a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) – potentially lethal…

The derivatives market is now estimated at $700 trillion (notional, or face, value, not market value). The world’s gross domestic product in 2009: $69.8 trillion; America’s, $14.2 trillion. The total market cap of all major global stock markets? A mere $30 trillion. And the total amount of dollar bills in circulation, most of them abroad: $830 billion (not trillion)…

Today’s massive new derivatives bubble is driving the domestic and global economies, far outstripping the subprime-credit meltdown…

The now-bloody Greek tragedy over its debt crisis is echoing through the Federal Reserve and the halls of Congress. Greece’s public debt exceeds 100 percent of its economy versus 90 percent (at $13 trillion) for the United States. If you add unfunded U.S. liabilities for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the long-term shortfall is $62 trillion, or about $200,000 for each American.

Most everyone will be happy that the world economic crisis may appear to be fixed.  But ultimately at least the USA and UK portions will collapse (there is also likely to be some future economic crisis in Europe, but it will not be as bad as what is expected to hit the USA and its Anglo-allies).

And while cooperation between the USA and EU is (generally speaking) a positive thing, because of debt, economic, and other policies, the EU will ultimately turn against the USA.  It is the EU, and not Russia or the USA, that is expected to produce the final King of the North.  And the USA having the most debt of any country, suggests, according to Bible prophecy, that ultimately it is going to be plundered.

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