Weiss: Election Doesn’t Matter, USA Passing Point of No Return


A reader sent the following written by Dr. Martin Weiss:

20 August 2012…

The sorry facts are very straightforward:

  • The U.S. economy is expected to clock in at around $15.6 trillion in GDP. Meanwhile …
  • The government’s debt load (excluding Medicare, Social Security, etc.) is going to be $16.3 trillion…

These facts should be setting off major alarm bells around the world. They mean that:

  • The United States of America is at an historic threshold, beyond which global investors are prone to panic and start dumping U.S. debts.
  • The United States is passing the point of no return, beyond which any new government initiative to “end the crisis” will probably just make it worse…

The Deficit and Debt
Monsters Are Nonpartisan!

They were created by both Democrats and Republicans.

They can wreak havoc on any presidential campaign or president, regardless of party affiliation.

And most important, ANY so-called solution — whether proposed by Democrats or Republicans — is likely to backfire.

The Bible (Habakkuk 2)  warns that the time will come that foreigners will rise up against a major debtor (and Dr. Weiss wrote something related to that earlier this year–see Weiss Report Warning Reminscient of Habakkuk 2:6-8).  The USA is not quite to that point yet, but sadly looks like it is going in that direction.

While carnally speaking, one presidential candidate’s economic plans make a lot more sense than the other one’s do, from a Christian perspective Jesus could not support either of the US presidential candidates for president.  Nor do either US President Obama or his challenger Mitt Romney understand the real problems in the USA or the real solutions–hint: they are spiritual and not carnal.

National repentance is the only hope now for the USA.  It is in decline and may have already passed the point of no return from a carnal perspective.

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