European Fears and Military Ramifications

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In its latest update (see News of the Living Church of God ), LCG closed with the following statements:

Bible prophecy indicates that a Beast power will rise in Europe, yet Europe has had great difficulty uniting, as do iron and clay (Daniel 2:33-35). Will God use pressure from Russia to aid in the creation of a stronger, more unified Europe?

Notice also a related news item:

EU Looks to Close Ranks with US to Keep Global Influence

The European Union must close ranks with the United States if the two powers are to keep their global influence during the rise of states like China, India and Russia, EU foreign policy chiefs said at informal talks.

Deutsche Welle
DPA – Sep 6, 2008

“The new American administration will, as we all of course also, have to cope with the new emerging countries: apart from Russia, which is an old power with a new assertiveness, India, Brazil and China,” EU Foreign Policy Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner said Friday, Sept. 5.

“We want to be more equal partners with the US, but how can we do that? We have to raise our own game, we have to be more clear and united in the positions we are taking, we have to be more effective and forthcoming in using our policy and our instruments,” she said.

At an informal meeting in the French city of Avignon, the foreign ministers of the EU’s 27 member states discussed how to cooperate with the next US president on questions of global security such as climate change and energy security, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, who chaired the meeting, said…

And the rise of Russia, China and India has alarmed EU diplomats, with the Russian-Georgian war and the collapse of WTO talks in a row between China, India and the US both seen as signs that Western domination of the international agenda can no longer be assured…,2144,3622672,00.html

Russia, China, and India (and other nations) are emerging as major players on the world scene (for more information, see Why Are Russia, China, and India Getting Together?).  Now, perhaps I should mention that although I have not been to Brazil (nor Russia nor China for that matter), I believe that because of religious and cultural ties, it along with the other nations in South America will align themselves with Europe and NOT the Asia powers.

However, in the short run, there will likely be increased military and economic cooperation between the USA and Europe.  Yet, I believe that Europe will take advantage of American technology and American cooperation to prepare itself to become independent of it (for some information on the economic side, please see the news item A Combined EU & North American Trade Block Coming?).

Ultimately I believe that the military ramifications of European fears and pride will cause it to launch a surprise attack against the United States, once it (Europe) is ready.  But since they are not nearly ready yet, it will take at least several years before this will occur.  But, according to Bible prophecy, it will come to pass.

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