Russia: Ready for a Fight

Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev
Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev


Time reported the following:

Ready for a Fight: Russia’s New Security Policy

TIME – May 16, 2009
by John Wendle / Moscow

Diminishing supplies of oil and natural gas will push countries into violent competition, the Kremlin predicted in a long-awaited national security strategy paper released this week.

The document foresees these struggles playing out in the Arctic as well as the Middle East, the Barents Sea, the Caspian Sea and Central Asia — and states that Russia is prepared to fight for its share of the world’s resources.

“In the face of competition for resources, the use of military force to solve emerging problems cannot be excluded,” reads the strategy paper, which was signed by President Dmitri Medvedev on Wednesday. It adds: “This could destroy the balance of forces on the borders of Russia and those of its allies.” The paper also addresses the future of NATO and nuclear proliferation, as well as domestic social issues.

Although it vividly outlines the worsened relations between Russia and the West, the anti-Western rhetoric is tempered with acknowledgment of the beginning of rapprochement with the Obama Administration. “Now there is a viewpoint in the Kremlin that the U.S. can be worked with,” says Nikolai Petrov, an analyst at the Carnegie Moscow Center, an independent think tank. “Russia has come out and specifically formulated its foreign and defense policy. However, this paper is not setting out how policy will look; it is setting out the de facto situation.”

The paper was ordered up by Medvedev last August, after Russia’s brief war with Georgia made it clear that a new security policy would need to be drawn up to replace the one set out in 2000, which focused more on playing up Russia’s role in the war on terror while it was fighting a war in Chechnya. The updated paper is meant to be a guide for policy development and implementation until 2020.

But while the new paper maintains the belligerent stance displayed last summer and admits that Russia, one of the world’s largest exporters of oil and gas, is willing to use military force to protect and even expand its reserve of resources, the tone has been softened. “If you look at what was formulated concerning Arctic strategy last year and you look at this paper, it looks as if the government position has changed and become more moderate,” says Petrov. “Another explanation is that the foreign ministry is trying to present strategy in a less aggressive way.”,8599,1899066,00.html

While Russia may be ready for a fight, it is not going to be launching any major war soon (though it certainly may have significant military conflict with former Soviet republics).

The Bible shows that sometime AFTER the USA, it Anglo-Allies, and an Arabic power are defeated, Russia will apparently work with China, India, and other Asian powers to attack Europe.

And while I do not believe that this can happen for at least 7  years, when it is time, Russia will truly be ready for a fight.

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