US dollar risk, Eurozone shaky, and AfD wants German to lead NATO

Deutsche Bank twin tower headquarters, Frankfurt, Germany (© Raimond Spekking)


Europe is facing financial challenges:

“The Eurozone faces the worst combination of economic and systemic risk”

Interview with Alasdair Macleod …

Claudio Grass … CG: We have seen an important shift away from the US dollar. China is trying to internationalize the yuan, Russia adopted a “de-dollarization” plan in response to US sanctions, while European leaders signed an agreement to develop an alternative to SWIFT. Do you believe such moves have an impact on the future of the USD as the world’s reserve currency?

Alasdair Macleod AM: In the longer term, these moves will obviously impact on the dollar’s future as the dominant reserve currency. Even though America continues to abuse its monetary power, it will take something else to undermine it. It will still be used at least for pricing references in all international commodity markets. Given the likely long timescale for the dollar’s demise, I think other factors are more important, particularly the fall in its purchasing power as the Fed battles to protect the US Government, the banks and the US economy in the developing recession. …

CG: The Eurozone economy has long been flashing warning signs of a slowdown, which now are impossible to ignore, especially as Germany continues to lose steam. Given the fact that the ECB has already gone to extremes to support the economy, what tools do you think the central bank has left to fight the next recession?

AM: Central banks, including the ECB, only have two tools at their disposal: interest rates and monetary expansion. Clearly, Germany is sliding into a slump and with the phasing out of the internal combustion engine, the Mittelstand is going to have a very tough time. Furthermore, the premier bank in the strongest EU economy, Deutsche Bank, appears to be in deep trouble. This is a very serious situation that tells us the Eurozone faces the worst combination of economic and systemic risk, particularly given the levels of government debt in the Club Med countries.

Unless it takes the unlikely view it has done everything and it must just stand back and let the whole system collapse, the ECB will have no choice but to impose deeper negative rates, primarily to ensure higher prices for the government bonds every Eurozone bank owns. It will also have to do more asset purchases to keep the Eurozone economy from tanking. The appointment of Christine Lagarde seals the inflationary deal, which is whatever it takes, however extreme.

Yes, much of the world is taking steps to dethrone the US dollar (e.g. BRICS was created as a tool to attack US dollar dominance as former Brazilian president states). The US is much more vulnerable to this than it has since becoming the world’s primary reserve currency (see., e.g. ‘Study Discovers That If The Debt Machine Was Turned Off, The U.S. Would Immediately Plunge Into A Horrifying Depression’).

Yes, there are financial and banking risks in Europe. A financial crisis looks to be brewing.

While Bible prophecy shows that Europe will dominate the world economically for a time (see Revelation 17 and 18), the Bible also shows Europe, itself, will have ups and downs first (cf. Daniel 2:41-43).

As far as economic factors and Europe go, the late Herbert W. Armstrong stated the following in a sermon on July 7, 1984:

And I can see now, the event that is going to trigger the formation of the reunification in Europe; the resurrection of the medieval Holy Roman Empire that we’ve been looking forward to that is prophesied to come…

But I believe that some event is going to happen suddenly just like out a blue sky that is going to shock the whole world and is going to cause the nations in Europe to realize they must unite! … Well now I think I can see what may be the very event that is going to trigger…that is the economic situation in the world

The whole banking structure in the United States is a network all jointed together. But not only that, one nation has to deal with other nations and imports and exports. And so they have to have a means of transforming money from one nation to another. And so the banking structure is international and interwoven…

Now when the financial structure breaks down, all civilization is going to break down…

It is quite likely that Europe will have a banking and/or other massive financial crisis in the next decade.

Economic crises can lead to civil unrest. And I expect civil unrest in many parts of Europe, including in Germany

That will help to calls for some type of strong leader to rise up.

Bible shows that Europe will reorganize and turn power over to ten leaders who will then turn power over to a powerful dictator:

12 “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast. 13 These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast. (Revelation 17:12-13)

These ten kings have no kingdom, but are to attain one–some have misunderstood this (see Must the Ten Kings of Revelation 17:12 Rule over Ten Currently Existing Nations?). Clearly, the Bible tells of a type of reorganization in verse 12. Since the ‘ten kings’ give their power to the Beast in verse 13, this is a another type of reorganization. The “beast” is not shown to have much power prior to Revelation 17:12-13. This beast would seem to have Assyrian roots per Isaiah 10:5-11, and hence would likely be someone from Germany or Austria (see also Germany in Biblical and Catholic Prophecy). This turnover of power to him results in a dictatorship–likely similar to the one led by Adolf Hitler (see also European Unity to be like Hitler?).

Notice that Revelation 17:12-13 does NOT say that ten existing nations will give their power to the Beast, but that ten kings who had not had a kingdom will get power and transfer it (for more on this, check out the article Must the Ten Kings of Revelation 17:12 Rule over Ten Currently Existing Nations?).

The European Beast is also called the King of the North in the Book of Daniel. Catholic writings seem to refer to him as the Antichrist or one they call The Great Monarch.

While Germany and the rest of Europe is NOT yet ready for that reorganization, we are seeing events that will lead to it. posted the following yesterday:

Recently a party represented in the German parliament (Bundestag) published its program for the military. … Up to 28 percent of the voters have chosen the party with this program. It wants to further militarize Germany. The 28 percent party is calling for a radical “restoration of the German Bundeswehr.” The military draft should be reinstated and the number of troops “be raised to 23,000 soldiers” – as a “first step.” An additional 50,000 man reserves would be necessary. The German military, it literally states, “would be authorized to intervene domestically.” The “foreign duties” of the Bundeswehr should be exercised “in every corner of the earth.” In Europe: it lays “claim to a military commanding role” – because of “Germany’s geographic situation and economic prominence.” The highest command level will be a German “General Staff.” Germany should also be in command of the European NATO. And finally, being the commanding nation, Germany must insist on “participation” in NATO’s “nuclear capabilities.”

Now, the ‘28% party’ was oddly not named in the post.  But that we seem to have to be Germany’s Alternative für Deutshland party–which gained ground in elections a few days ago (see Germany’s AfD party makes gains that ‘shock, but . . .).

Notice the following prophecy involving a coming leader and his military accomplishments:

39 Thus he shall act against the strongest fortresses with a foreign god, which he shall acknowledge, and advance its glory; and he shall cause them to rule over many, and divide the land for gain (Daniel 11:39).

The “he” is the European King of the North (cf. Daniel 11:40) and the “strongest fortresses” currently belong to the USA–this shows the defeat of the US by Europe. Since Bible prophecy points to Anglo-lands being divided in various scriptures (for more than Daniel 11:39, see Will the Anglo-Nations be Divided?), Russia may well end up with some of all of Alaska and maybe even parts of Canada.

More and more in Europe and, particularly in Germany, want a strong military. The Bible shows that Europe will end up commanding a “great army” (Daniel 11:25).

Last century, the old Radio Church of God published the following two items:

The “German Problem” is not dead. Germans are thinking more than ever of an undivided Reich – and of an undivided Europe! … On the 17th of June, Germans celebrated a national holiday a day dedicated to AN UNDIVIDED GERMANY. Stores closed. No one worked. The striking thing is that this day signifies something that has not happened yet! Most holidays commemorate an event – something that has already taken place. Not this one – it looks forward to an event which all Germans hope for and even pray for – AN UNDIVIDED GERMANY! (Kelly R. The March for an Undivided Germany. Plain Truth, September 1964)

The German people are now asking themselves: “Can we rely on the Americans and British?” … These questions lead to the logical conclusion that maybe the only people the Germans can rely on are themselves. …

Most Americans and Britons are not aware of what Germany and Europe are planning against them. This is partly due to the cunning of German. politics. … Great Britain and the United. States will be attacked, conquered and DESTROYED! (Boraker R. Are the Germans Secretly Dealing with Moscow? Plain Truth, May 1962, pp. 45-47)

Well, since those came out, East and West Germany united, the European Union formed, a European currency has been implemented, the Germans tend to despise US President Trump, and many in Germany do not believe that they can rely on the US for defense.

People do not realize how perturbed the Germans are getting with the USA. And this will not end well for the USA (Daniel 11:39) nor Germany (cf. Isaiah 10:12-19).

The Continuing Church of God (CCOG) put together the following video on our Bible News Prophecy YouTube channel:


Could preparations for WWIII began? German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron called for a European army to be independent of the USA and NATO. One of the reasons was to be able to protect against the USA. Is the fourth German reich in progress? What does the Bible teach about Germany, Europe, and WW3? Dr. Thiel addresses these matters in this video.

Here is a link to the sermonette video: Germany and World War 3.

The Bible shows that Germany will rise, help Europe develop a great army, defeat the USA (Daniel 11:39) and its British-descended allies (cf. Daniel 8:24-25).

Despite prophesied problems (cf. Daniel 2:41-43), a Bible prophecy shows that a German-dominated Europe will rise up.

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