New Zealand Expands Defense Ties with USA

New Zealand Naval Frigate (Benchill)


New Zealand and the USA are expanding military cooperation:

U.S., New Zealand Sign Defense Cooperation Accord
The United States and New Zealand signed an agreement to expand defense cooperation on June 19 but the deal does not alter Auckland’s longstanding ban on port visits by nuclear-armed American warships, officials said.The accord was the latest in a series marking U.S. attempts to shift its strategic focus to the Asia-Pacific, as Washington keeps a wary eye on China’s rising power. New Zealand’s Defense Minister Jonathan Coleman said the accord called for a security dialogue as well as joint exercises and other collaborative efforts between the two countries’ armed forces.|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

This is not a surprise.  The USA has been making a lot of agreements in the South Pacific and elsewhere near Asia.

Furthermore, because of biblical prophecy tying the two sons of Joseph (son of Israel), Manasseh (mainly represented now by the USA) and Ephraim (and mainly represented now by the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand), together (cf. Genesis 48), all the remaining Anglo-descended nations will apparently have relatively close military ties in the end–and this agreement is another step in showing that.

Because the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and others are highly concerned about the progress being made in China (both militarily and economically),  many have decided that they need more military cooperation to deal with this perceived threat.

And while China does, carnally at least, have major military potential (and may end up with at least parts of Australia and/or possibly New Zealand), this expanded cooperation would certainly seem to make sense for New Zealand.  Also as the Chinese government has already claimed that Australia militarily needs to decide between it and the USA (and Australia has thus far picked the USA),  Chinese prophecy hints that China will ultimately takeover some land to the south (like Australia and/or New Zealand),  Japan still wants more land, and Bible prophecy teaches that the lands of the Anglo-military power will be taken over and divided (cf. Daniel 11:39), those in New Zealand (as well Australia, the USA, UK, and Canada) have real reasons to be concerned.

Why else?

Because, ultimately, the USA will not be able to save itself from the rise of the European Beast power (which it tends to be encouraging as it erroneously thinks that China will be a much more serious threat than Europe).  And thus, the time will come when it will not be able to protect New Zealand and/or Australia from the powers that will take them over in the future.

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