Russian Orthodox Church Claims it Can Show the Way for Europe, Others Believe it Has Sold Out

Patriarchate of Moscow


A top cleric of the Russian Orthodox Church, Vsevolod Chaplin (who has been and still may be its official spokesman), made the news for some bold comments:

West has betrayed Christianity, Russia will save it – Orthodox Church official

14 May 2012

Our Orthodox civilization may not be that large, but today it has a key role in the world as it knows how to find a way to a better life for the whole world and especially Europe,”Chaplin said on Monday during a videoconference between Moscow, Kiev and Minsk.The West has betrayed the ideals of Christianity, which Emperors Constantine and Justinian merged with Roman law, Chaplin says. In his opinion, the Europe, which was based on these principles, no longer exists.

Bearing this in mind, the Eastern Christian civilization should not follow in the steps of either the “weak-willed West” or the “intellectually weak East, ” he says.

Although Vsevolod Chaplin has some points about not following the weak-willed West” or the “intellectually weak East,” the Russian Orthodox has its own issues and is not promoting biblically-based Christianity.  It should also be noted that Emperors Constantine and Justinian were murderous and compromising leaders and did not hold to the values that Jesus established for His Church (see also Military Service and the Churches of God: Do Real Christians Participate in Carnal Warfare?).  Emperor Constantine himself was a follower of the sun-god Mithras and attempted to blend that religion in with the Greco-Roman one (see also Do You Practice Mithraism?).  The Catholic scholar Aiken noted that “Mithraism was first and foremost a military cult” (Aiken C.F., Mithraism, p. 255)

As far as the current Russian Orthodox Church, several have voiced other concerns about it and its top leader, Patriarch Kirill:

Critics of Russian Orthodox Church say it’s sold its soul to Putin

May 13, 2012…Kirill himself is a focus of the growing opposition to the church.

The patriarch’s reputation has been tarnished by a pair of scandals involving a $38,832 Breguet watch he was seen wearing and a court case in which he sought $630,000 from a cancer-stricken neighbor — despite his monastic vows not to have any worldly possessions while serving the church.

And just as Putin is supported by gangs of youth thugs who intimidate his opponents, the church enjoys the backing of its own roaming enforcers of orthodoxy — tacitly approved of by church leaders…

Political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky said the church has turned into the Kremlin’s “Salvation Ministry,” obediently approving Kremlin policies and slamming Western democracy as concepts alien to Russian traditions — all the while enjoying hefty government donations and tax immunity.

“The church inherited its full loyalty to the existing government from Soviet times,” Belkovsky said.

The Russian Orthodox Church, through leaders such as Patriarch Kirill, has supported Vladimir Putin. And it supported Vladimir Putin when many Russians were turning against him. Vladimir Putin once again took the office of President of Russia on May 7, 2012 and partially has the Russian Orthodox Church and specifically its Patriarch Kirill to credit for assisting with some issues that possibly could have complicated, if not possibly prevented, his “re-election.”

I have covered Patriarch Kirill for years (see New Russian Orthodox Patriarch, Russian Orthodox Leader Urges No Compromise With Catholics, and Russian Orthodox and Vatican Closer to Ending Rift). I believe he has a keen interest in politics and ecumenical matters.

Despite calls that Europe somehow needs the Russian Orthodox Church, it truly instead needs to practice the original biblical Christian faith, which the true Church of God strives to do.  Yet, prophecy suggests that more in Europe will be inclined towards a compromised Greco-Roman faith that will be sort of a compromise between many highly tradition-based faiths, like the Russian Orthodox and others.

And related to this, for a while, I believe that the Russian Orthodox Church will support, at least to a degree, the ecumenical religion that the Vatican will change into.  But, ultimately, the Russian Orthodox Church will turn against that and likely encourage the Russian leadership later in the 21st century to turn against what will have risen up in Europe.

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