Obama claims USA ‘better’ and ‘stronger’ because of him and his LGBTQ agenda

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Barack Obama gave what was called his ‘farewell address’ in which he claimed that the USA is stronger because of what he accomplished:

U.S. President Barack Obama said Tuesday the country is a “better, stronger place” than when he took office in 2008, pointing to the reversal of a recession, passage of his landmark healthcare program and the legalization of gay marriage as achievements the American people have won through his message of change. …

Obama is the first black man to serve as U.S. president, and he noted that after his election many spoke of what they called a “post-racial” America. But he said race is still a “potent and often divisive force,” and stressed the need to uphold anti-discrimination laws. …

Obama listed economic achievements such as cutting the number of people who lack health insurance, a growing economy and a lower unemployment rate. http://www.voanews.com/a/in-farewell-obama-appeals-for-unity-and-participation-in-democracy/3671590.html

With less than two weeks left as president, Barack Obama returns to Chicago Tuesday to give his farewell speech in the city where his political career began.

“For Michelle and me, Chicago is where it all started,” Obama wrote in a Facebook post just hours before he was set to arrive in the city. “It’s the city that showed us the power and fundamental goodness of the American people.”

The open letter to America precedes a bitter-sweet moment for the country, as Obama returns to his roots for one last time as president and the U.S. prepares to usher in a new era.

“Over the course of my life, I’ve been reminded time and again that change can happen – that ordinary people can come together to achieve extraordinary things. And I’ve seen that truth up close over these last eight years,” the post read. “We’ve made America a better, stronger place for the generations that will follow. We’ve run our leg in a long relay of progress, knowing that our work will always be unfinished. And we’ve reaffirmed the belief that we can make a difference with our own hands, in our own time. That’s the imperative of citizenship – the idea that, with hard work, and a generous heart toward our fellow Americans, people who love their country can change it.” http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/Obama-Pens-Facebook-Post-About-Chicago-Ahead-of-Farewell-Speech-410297745.html

“If I had told you that we would open up a new chapter with the Cuban people, shut down Iran’s nuclear weapons program without firing a shot, and take out the mastermind of 9/11… If I had told you that we would win marriage equality, and secure the right to health insurance for another 20 million of our fellow citizens — you might have said our sights were set a little too high.”

“But that’s what we did,” Obama said. “That’s what you did. You were the change. You answered people’s hopes. And because of you, by almost every measure, America is a better, stronger place than it was when we started.” http://fox61.com/2017/01/10/obama-prepares-to-say-goodbye/

Notice also the following that came out just before his farewell address:

Obama will undoubtedly brag about his amazing “economic recovery,”we would once again highlight the following data that seemingly paints a slightly more sobering picture.Harvard


Of course, these charts that we presented last summer also cast a slight shadow over Obama’s “economic recovery.”


Unfortunately for Obama, simply stating something repeatedly doesn’t actually make it a fact. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-10/live-stream-obama-says-farewell-reminds-us-one-last-time-how-awesome-he

Barack Obama did brag about his economic impact, but failed to mention most of the above.

Furthermore, he failed to mention that the debt of the USA almost doubled under his Administration. That absolutely means that the USA is a weaker nation than it was. Prophecy also tells us that this debt will lead to the destruction of the USA (cf. Habakkuk 2:6-8). The USA is NOT stronger and better economically. The economy under Barack Obama was fueled by debt (see also ‘It’s The Debt, Stupid – Massive Borrowing Binge Producing Fake Recovery’), and he does not seem to realize the danger of that.

There are a few other points to consider.

Race relations have worsened under Barack Obama’s leadership–and much of this has to do with his unwillingness to denounce thugs and criminals who feign ‘race’ as a reason for criminal activity. Instead, his Administration tended to blame law enforcement and society to excuse bad behavior.

Next the Iran nuclear deal is dangerous. As is his recent decision to allow the United Nations to condemn Israel. Iran may very well be involved in a regional war with Israel that will not be good (see also Iran in Prophecy).

As far as the lie about ‘marriage equality,’ that is not good. The Bible basically says that those who approve of sexual immorality, including homosexuality and lesbianism, are guilty and deserve the same punishment (Romans 1:18-32). Promoting transgender matters is bad for those who consider themselves transgendered as well as society–yet Barack Obama has done that (see VOA: ‘US Public Schools Must Allow Transgender Students’ Bathroom Choice’). The USA is not better off because of Barack Obama’s policies on these matters–it is worse and weaker.

On international matters, let’s mention that Syria and Libya are worse off now as have been parts of Iraq. Barack Obama’s actions and inactions made the environment for the terrorist group calling itself the Islamic State to rise up. The USA will have more terrorism (see Why Terrorism? Is Terrorism Prophesied).

As far the military goes, let’s not dwell on the Obama Administration’s cutting of military personnel, but mention his Administration’s Asian pivot policy. This, combined with various actions and inactions, have shown the Europeans that they need to develop their own military. This will not end well for the USA per Daniel 11:39 (see also USA in Prophecy: The Strongest Fortresses).

The USA has become more anti-Bible since Barack Obama took office and was recently named to the ‘Hall of Shame’ partially because of policies and practices of the Obama Administration against religion (see USA makes ICC’s ‘Hall of Shame’ list of nations regressing in religious freedom).

As far as Russian relations go, the Obama Administration messed those up when Hillary Clinton, who was then Barack Obama’s Secretary of State, tried to force Russia to adopt the LGBT agenda according to Hillary Clinton (see Hillary Clinton in Prophecy). Russia refused. Since then, the USA has taken steps against Russia that it may not have.

As far as the current complaints related to hackers and the USA election, what I do know is that the USA (under Barack Obama) has interfered with at least two elections in other nations recently (Israel and the United Kingdom). It appears hypocritical to be trying to publicly blame the Russians for doing things that the Obama Administration has done.

As far as social media goes, Barack Obama signed a new law authorizing the USA to pay foreign news sources to put out stories that the USA likes (see Barack Obama signed the ‘Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act’). Thus, it seems hypocritical to complain that some Russians wrote negative things on social media about one or more USA presidential candidates.

To this, we could add a list of scandals under that Obama Administration (see Ethics, Scandals, and Barack Obama), as well as his promotion of abortion and pornography.

So, do I believe that the USA is a “better, stronger place” because of Barack Obama?


The immoral accumulation of debt, the promotion of immorality, and various actions and inactions of Barack Obama will not end well for the USA (Habakkuk 2:6-8; Romans 1:18-332; Daniel 11:39).

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