USA and Europe NATO Relationship Strained?

European Union Tower of Babel Poster


The USA has been dropping hints that European Union is not doing enough for NATO:

Is the U.S.-European Relationship Really in Decline?

The Atlantic – June 14, 2011 excerpts…

The blistering farewell speech to NATO by U.S. defense secretary Robert Gates warning of a “dim, if not dismal” future for the Alliance drew the Western public’s attention to a longstanding debate about the state of the transatlantic relationship. With prominent commenters voicing concern about much more than just a two-tiered defensive alliance, questioning whether the U.S.-Europe relationship itself is past its prime, doubts that the Western alliance that has dominated the post-Cold War world are reaching a new high.

Beginning of the End for NATO?

New York Times – June 13, 2011 excerpt…

The United States has long encouraged the European Union to develop a security policy so that the Europeans can take care of their own backyards like Bosnia, Moldova, the southern Mediterranean, Belarus, Ukraine and the Caucasus…It might take the gradual withdrawal of the United States to convince the Europeans that they need a long-term security strategy that deserves its name.

Currently, the Europeans tend to look somewhat powerless and the USA wants the EU to spend more on defense so that the USA can spend less. The reality is that the relationship between the USA and Europe will get so strained that in the future, once the European King of the North is in place, that Europe will invade the people of the strongest fortresses (Daniel 11:39) which will eliminate the USA.

Now, while Europe cannot possibly do that now, pressuring Europe to increase defense spending while it is developing cutting edge physics’ technologies like antimatter that could possibly create some unique military ability (cf. Revelation 13:3-4), combined with having unsustainable American deficits which will lead to decreases in part of USA defense spending, also combined with terrible events that will likely affect the USA like famine and pestilence will make takeover feasible (Ezekiel 5:16-17).

And according to Bible prophecy it will come to pass.

I would like to add that I have long speculated that I believe that the USA itself may get attacked under the cover of a NATO exercise that is to take place with the Europeans in North America.  This would give the element to surprise that the USA military would not sufficiently suspect (though some might).  And this could be done officially under NATO (presuming it still exists then) or under some type of “cooperative agreement” between the USA and Europe.  I have felt that part of the “public” reason to have such an exercise on American soil will be to try to show that the Americans (including Canadians) that Europe is dedicated to American defense despite strains in their relationships (like NATO and/or trade issues).

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