Russia Against NATO in Georgia

Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev
Dmitry Medvedev


Russia is having concerns about NATO in Georgia.  LCG reported the following in its latest weekly update:

Another “Rumor” of War. Two former Soviet satellite nations are breathing threats of rebellion. Georgia is working to throw out its president, while Moldova has a powerful “western” movement underway, possibly spurred on by Romania. Russia is now under pressure to act “in its own backyard” or risk NATO taking a stronger role and thus showing up Russia as weak (Stratfor, April 10, 2009). Jesus noted that “wars and rumors of wars” and ethnic group against ethnic group would be two of the signs of the end of the age (Mark 13:7, 8). As time passes and prophecy marches on, these are two more events in a world-wide chain of events that must come to pass. In addition, developments in Georgia and Moldova could either destabilize or galvanize the Russian powerbase. Prophecy indicates that at the end of the age, a monumental army from the north and east will close in on Jerusalem, and devastate the Beast power (Daniel 11:44, 45). This army could be a conglomeration of Asian and Russian forces. For this to happen, Russia will need to remain strong. Time will tell exactly how Russia fares through this period of instability.

Another source had the following:

Russian president slams NATO exercises in Georgia

Friday, April 17, 2009
By JIM HEINTZ, Associated Press Write

MOSCOW —  Russia’s president on Friday denounced NATO’s plan to hold military exercises in Georgia, calling it a dangerous move that could threaten efforts to improve relations between Moscow and the Western alliance.

NATO has said Russia is welcome to join the exercises beginning May 6 and involving 19 other countries.

But Russia is vehemently opposed to their being held in Georgia, claiming the former Soviet republic is preparing for aggression against two separatist territories it lost in a war with Russia in August. Russian troops are now stationed the territories, which Moscow has recognized as independent.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev accused NATO of “muscle-flexing” by planning the exercises in the small Black Sea country on Russia’s southern border, and suggested they could bring a new chill in relations with the alliance and possible retaliation.

“I think this is a wrong decision, a dangerous decision,” Medvedev told reporters at his residence in Barvikha, near Moscow.

“We will, in the most thorough manner, follow what happens there and take one decision or another,” he said, without elaborating.

Russia also vehemently objects to Georgia’s aim of joining NATO _ an objection that has intensified since the August war.

NATO broke contacts with Russia in the wake of the war, but efforts to resume ties have progressed in recent months ahead of a planned April 29 meeting of the NATO-Russia Council.,4670,EURussiaNATOGeorgia,00.html

There will be a lot of posturing from all sides until this, and several related matters, are resolved.

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