French General Now Commands NATO’s U.S. Headquarters

Crown of the Beast of Revelation?
Crown of the first “Holy Roman Emperor”, Charlemagne


NATO now has a non-American part of its supreme command:

French General Takes Over Key NATO Command In U.S.

RTT News – Sept 10, 2009
Wednesday, French Air Force General Stephane Abrial made history by becoming head of Allied Command Transformation (ACT), within months of France reintegrated back into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) after a four-decade absence.He is the first non-American to assume a supreme command post in NATO. He is also the first European to command NATO’s U.S. headquarters in its 60-year history.

It also means that France and the United States will be working more closely together than they have in decades.

At a change of guard ceremony held aboard U.S. aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, moored at Norfolk, Virginia, General Abrial took over charge of NATO’s only strategic command in North America from U.S. Marine Corps General James Mattis.

General Mattis, who remains head of the U.S. Joint Forces Command, said the replacement is a sign France had returned “lock, stock and barrel” to the heart of the alliance…

Abrial’s accession to the strategic top post is the result of French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s decision last spring to bring his nation back into NATO’s military structure 43 years after his predecessor, Charles de Gaulle, pulled France out of the alliance…

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen was among an international audience of 800, including troops, officers, defense chiefs and ambassadors from across NATO’s 28 member states, who attended the ceremony. He called Gen Abrial’s appointment “a significant milestone for the Atlantic alliance.”…

The U.S. State Department congratulated Abrial on assuming the post. “France, a founding member of the Alliance and a significant contributor to NATO operations across the globe, is a key partner of the United States in pursuit of transatlantic security goals,” said Ian Kelly, a State Department spokesman. “We look forward to working with General Abrial as he pursues NATO reform goals in his role,” he added…

As one of NATO’s two supreme allied commanders, General Abrial will oversee NATO military reforms at his Norfolk naval base HQ, the world’s largest, with 78 ships and 133 aircraft stationed there.

For decades, I have suspected that a European leader will arise and likely use NATO cover in order to launch a surprise attack against the USA.

This news development shows that my suspected scenario is becoming more and more plausible.

The Bible foretells the time of a military leader rising up (Revelation 13:1-4) who will destroy the “strongest fortresses”  (Daniel 11:39)–apparently a reference to the USA and its Anglo-allies.  And while this will not happen in the current decade, it likely will in the next.

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