Women Chose Barack Obama

Barack Obama


Although the US electoral college will not meet for a while, the popular vote and the associated electorial votes essentially make Barack Obama the president-elect of the United States.

As regular readers of this page are aware, there is a prophecy in the Bible that states:

As for My people, children are their oppressors, And women rule over them. O My people! Those who lead you cause you to err, And destroy the way of your paths…(Isaiah 3:12)

And while Barack Obama is a male, the early support by Oprah Winfrey played an important role in him getting enough attention to possibly win.

Furthermore, women were the key in yesterday’s USA election of him.  Notice the following:

Women’s support proves key in battlegrounds

Female voters heavily favor Obama, helping propel historic victory

By JoNel Aleccia…

Women voters typically are crucial to a Democratic presidential victory, and Obama was pulling 55 percent of their votes, compared with 43 percent for McCain, according to exit polls. Obama and McCain were nearly even among male voters, who split 49-49 percent…

Women voters outnumbered men nationally by about 53-47 percent, according to exit polls. Women make up not only more of the general population, but also more of adult voters, historic census figures show.

‘Women decided this election’

“If men split evenly between Obama and McCain, then women decided this election,” said Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University.

Monique Craig, a 40-year-old white administrative assistant from Boca Raton, Fla., was among those who landed in the McCain camp.

“I support (McCain) because I’m afraid if Obama gets elected we’re going to go to a more socialistic government,” said Craig. “I don’t feel like he’s strong enough to run the country with any kind of terrorist attack.”  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27524699/

So while not all women supported him, women were certainly key to yesterday’s election of Barack Obama.

We are in for some unusual times, but biblically it is not possible for the Great Tribulation to begin prior to 2012, and it is more likely not to start for 1-4 years after that. While the pieces are lining up for the fulfillment of prophecies such as Daniel 9:27 (see Mediterranean Union Makes Deal With Israel and Arab States and Can the Great Tribulation Begin in 2009, 2010, or 2011?), the fact that the deal has not yet been made means that there is a least 3 1/2 years to go–and probably more than that from today.

Thus, while Barack Obama will lead a nation in decline, his first term will not be when the Great Tribulation begins.

So, if the Great Tribulation will begin while Barack Obama is President, I do not believe it will be until his second term in office.  And it is certainly possible that he will be re-elected.  If Barack Obama is re-elected, then it is likely that Barack Obama will lead the United States into destruction and the Great Tribulation.

Barack Obama certainly seems to be one who would be willing to work so closely with the Europeans as to allow them to gain military and economic advantage over the United States.  And as I reported yesterday (see EU’s Letter to the President Elect), this seems to be the direction that the Europeans wish to head now.

We live in perilous times, but the end is not yet.

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