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Barack Obama


In the latest issue of Tomorrow’s World magazine, LCG’s Roderick C. Meredith wrote the following:

In the very thick of the United States’ election season, many Americans have lost sight of the Big Picture! Where is the U.S. really headed? Are any of the current presidential candidates even remotely capable of solving the truly massive problems that will certainly confront the next U.S. President?

Furthermore, those few Americans who are genuinely willing to believe and trust the God of the Bible may ask: is our vaunted “democratic process” really the best way to run a nation?

Few realize that—partly because of democracy—the U.S. is headed for a financial catastrophe unless major changes occur! As Election Day approaches, will either the Democratic or Republican nominee have the boldness to tell citizens just how serious the problem really is—and how it must affect each of them in the pocketbook?

Four years ago, neither major candidate had such nerve. As USA Today pointed out in a front page article shortly before the 2004 election: “American taxpayers have a hidden debt of at least $53 trillion [Emphasis ours] in government obligations, mostly from Medicare, Social Security and the federal debt. This debt equals $473,456 per household, dwarfing the $84,454 in personal debt per household owed for mortgages, car loans and other borrowing. The federal government would have to double taxation or cut benefits in half immediately to make good on its promises of providing health care and pension benefits for retirees in the coming decades. Both major political parties and the presidential candidates have avoided confronting the problem for fear of angering voters” (October 4, 2004).

Has anything really changed? Of course, the actual debt has grown larger—USA Today not long ago reported that the debt figure had increased to $516,348 per household. A colossal financial “iceberg” is about to hit “Battleship America,” and possibly even sink it, but the “fear of angering voters” will likely keep this issue out of public view again this election year!


Because, in our modern “democracies” (whether pure democracies or representative republics), politicians must be very selective about which facts they tell the voters. Generally, they must tell people only what they want to hear—whether it is true or not. When politicians confront the public with too much reality, it usually amounts to committing political suicide! The most successful politicians are usually the ones who promise the most: “I’ll cut your taxes and still give you greater benefits.” That is “democracy at work.”

Most people simply do not realize the flaws of human democracy.

In this morning’s news, the campaign of Barack Obama is reported as stating:

A clear majority of elected delegates will send an unmistakable message — the people have spoken, and they are ready for change,” Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said in an e-mail message to supporters. http://news.aol.com/elections/story/_a/obama-to-reach-delegate-milestone/20080519210609990001?icid=1616058736x1202742061x1200306149

And it is extremely likely that Barack Obama will receive the Democratic nomination for the US presidency.

There seems to be an unusual Kenyan “prophecy” that indicates that a “son of Kenya” (Barack Obama’s father was Kenyan) will be responsible for enough change to result in the destruction of the United States (please see Barack Obama, Prophecy, and the Destruction of the United States). Whether or not that is true, it is certainly possible that the Great Tribulation will begin within the next 8 years (before the end of the next two USA presidential terms).

While I believe that both Barack Obama and John McCain (the Republican presumptive nominee) are well intentioned, I do not believe either has a real clue on how to properly change the direction of the United States. And I believe that without massive repentance, the destruction of the United States will likely occur next decade.

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