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Last night UCG put out another update on its situation:

April 15, 2010

The Council of Elders of the United Church of God, an International Association, conducted a teleconference on Wednesday evening, April 14. The Board approved Victor Kubik as interim Ministerial Services operation manager and Peter Eddington as interim Media and Communications Services operation manage.

The major topic of discussion was the selection process for choosing the next president of the United Church of God. Chairman Roy Holladay had distributed to the Council earlier in the day numerous documents that have been used in the selection process in the past. The Council indicated the need for time to review the documentation and to develop the Process & Timeline for Selection of the New Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation.

The Roles and Rules Committee was asked to review the documentation and come prepared to lead the Council in a discussion of the selection process at the May Council meetings. One of the first steps in the process will be to contact the General Conference of Elders to solicit their nomination recommendations. The desire of the Council is to come out of the May meetings with a well defined process that will be shared with the ministry and the membership.

Roy Holladay
Chairman & Interim President

What this will mean for UCG should be seen in time.

UCG blogger John Carmack posted the following:

I found out via Facebook that there are some pushing for a proposal for governance review to be presented to the General Council of Elders (GCE) of UCG.  It appears that there are some not happy with the idea, and there is the insinuation that this is what ultimately caused the latest upheaval.

I have reviewed the document on “Resolution to Establish a Governance Review Task Force”, and, at least at first glance, it sounds like a good idea to me.  If it is true that this caused the latest upheaval, then I have to wonder what is to be feared by simply probing into such a matter.  While one could be cynical and claim that it is an attempt to change governance, it seems to be structured in such a manner that any recommendation to do so would not be done lightly.

Of course, those of us not part of UCG have long tended to believe that their governance structure needed major change.

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