British Swine Flu and Ron Weinland


There are several British articles about the swine flu:

Catacombs may be used to store bodies of swine flu victims
Exeter city council plans to use 19th century burial chambers as emergency mortuary if pandemic worsens
Guardian, UK – July 25, 2009

A city council is considering using 19th century catacombs to store the bodies of swine flu victims if the outbreak worsens, it was confirmed today.

Exeter city council has identified the empty underground burial chambers, currently used as a tourist attraction, as a potential mortuary.

A council spokesman said the plan would be implemented if the crematorium and cemeteries could not keep up with funeral demands…

The Department of Health said the NHS was prepared for the pandemic. “Guidance has been issued which contains information for primary and secondary care services in the UK on managing surge capacity and the prioritisation of services and patients during a widespread influenza outbreak,” a spokesman said.

Children in frontline as swine flu cases double
100,000 new cases heighten concerns over intensive care beds for youngsters
The Independent – July 24, 2009
Jeremy Laurance, Health Editor

Fears about the capacity of NHS intensive care units to cope with a surge in cases of children struck down with swine flu were raised yesterday as figures showed that the pandemic was gathering pace.

An estimated 100,000 new cases of swine flu were recorded last week, almost double the 55,000 in the previous week, and the under-15s were predominantly affected. All regions of the country are now seeing “exceptional levels of influenza activity”, which was “highly unusual” in summer, the Chief Medical Officer, Sir Liam Donaldson, said.

Swine flu: only a dose of humanity can save us from this modern plague
In a faithless society beset by hysteria, those fearful of swine flu should put their trust in old-fashioned values
Guardian, UK – July 26, 2009
Dr Karol Sikora, dean of the University of Buckingham’s medical school

…How can a simple influenza virus wreak such psychological havoc in modern Britain and why are we so afraid? After all, as of yesterday, only 26 people had died from swine flu in England, far fewer than in road accidents over the same period. It’s all about our changing perception of risk. But let’s get some perspective. Every single day, 6,000 children die in the world from dehydration due to diarrhoeal disease…

Scary stories sell papers. And if there’s a bit of conspiracy about incompetent governments, corruption over access to drugs that don’t really do very much anyway, police as agents of the state imposing compulsory quarantine and check-in agents officiously banning passengers from boarding aircraft, it’s even better. The facts are simply forgotten in the hysteria…

Swine flu has become a modern plague – a 21st-century version of the black death that wiped out a third of Europeans more than 600 years ago. It’s a great story for the media.

What will be the legacy of swine flu? I hope a better understanding of risks and how society can mitigate them. New health challenges are inevitable. What will they be? A new cancer-causing virus, a mutated HIV virus that can be transmitted by droplets in the air, a food component that leaves us riddled with a severe degenerative disease or a form of radiation that insidiously causes congenital mutations? The possibilities are endless. Life is just such a risky business.

And in his latest post, the self proclaimed prophet and witness Ronald Weinland wrote:

Due to the understanding we have about pandemics becoming more of a reality in this end-time, it is necessary to address a few matters relating to this subject.

The current strain of the H1N1 flu has rapidly spread throughout the world, but currently it is not as serious as many other flu strains of the past. The uniqueness of this strain is that it is especially dangerous to people with other ongoing health problems and weaknesses, and it is proving to be more dangerous to the young. This strain has proven to be one that replicates more easily in the lungs and can spread beyond the upper respiratory tract to go deep into the lungs, making it more likely to cause pneumonia.

God does address the matter of sickness and the principles of quarantine in scripture…

In addition, if a serious pandemic does strike one’s own environment, the individual will have to make a personal decision to quarantine oneself from others (such as crowds, work, etc.) if their personal environment becomes too dangerous to be mixing within it. This is a personal judgment each individual will have to make…

The second and more serious concern is that this strain could mutate into an extremely deadly strain and do so very quickly. The potential for this is great, and with the time we live in it is likely. Even if this does not occur, a completely new strain will emerge that will prove to be much more fatal.

While Ronald Weinland falsely claims to be one of God’s two witnesses, notice that he, instead of claiming that God told him anything specific (other than at some indeterminate time a fatal strain will emerge), is essentially telling people standard information about it.

Since my last post about him was titled “Ronald Weinland’s Advice is Wrong“, perhaps he feels that he needs to give some advice that is not clearly wrong (what I stated was wrong about his advice in my Ronald Weinland’s Advice is Wrong was that Ronald Weinland frequently appeals to his own writings instead of the Bible, and in my opinion, Ronald Weinland had again done so semi-officially at his Church of God-Preparing for the Kingdom of God website).

It appears that this time, the self-appointed prophet is not making any dated predictions.  This is wise on Ron Weinland’s part as his other dated predictions (USA being nuked by June 2008, dollar being worthless shortly after May 2008, he would have millions of followers by the summer of 2008, there would be no new USA president inaugurated in January 2009, etc.) thus far have not come to pass.

The Bible does foretell pestilences and it is possible that the swine flu might be one of them.  If the swine flu becomes a major problem it will have nothing to do with any declarations of Ronald Weinland.  Nor is he immune from catching it.

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