CCOG Kenya report on the Days of Unleavened Bread

Evans Ochieng


As part of the normal routine, received the following report late today from Evans Ochieng:

I have waited for long not to send feast report because I was still waiting to get the report from Tanzania. The reports from Tanzania have not reached me till now. So I just decided to send the report minus their report(s) (as well as one or two missing from Kenya).

It was a blessed feasts of passover and unleavened bread, according to reports I received from all our congregations. We had six different sites of passover and unleavened bread. These are Siaya, Ndhiwa, Nyakach, Migori and Kisii had two different sites.

6 Congregations gathered at Ndhiwa. These are Ndhiwa, Mbani, Rakoro, Oriang, Kiseke and Rongo. The services were conducted by Pastor Evans Ochieng and Bathlomew {Otieno}. The attendance was very good and this is the first time for us to have a large number composing of 45 This is the number of people who partook passover. Then days of the unleavened bread we had 82. The number was large this year because many people came from different COG and join CCOG. Many are visiting CCOG website and some are coming a cross CCOG literature which are giving CCOG credit in Africa because of prophecies Dr Bob is touching. These books are really touching many people and most of them are migrating to CCOG. there is light that CCOG is the only true church of God which is going to finish the work. The only group which did not came with us is Abura…

7 congregations also gathered at Ramula Siaya. These are ;-Malanga, Kambare,Ugenya, Ramula, Akala, Seme, and Sakwa. The services were conducted by Deacon John Ogada. 32 people partook the passover. and 67 joined on the days of unleavened bread. The zone is very safe and heavy wind which is now moving round KENYA to protect their people from joining CCOG have not affect these zone. THEY are fully CCOG members.

2 congregations gathered in upper NYAKACH where 12 people sat for passover. These congregations are still new in church but rich in faith. most of them were baptized during my baptismal trip when we were approaching the Nairobi conference.

1 congregation sat in Migori which was led by Nimrod Ondigo. They were four people who partook passover and there is another group in Migori that had funeral issues.

2 congregations sat at different sites in Kisii. One was led by Ezekiel Oanda and another one was led by Elijah Osiemo.

Evans Ochieng is the Regional Pastor for the Continuing Church of God for East Africa.  We also have supporters in Sudan and Uganda.  Although he lives in Kenya, Evans Ochieng was personally born in Uganda.

We have plans to reach more of Africa, and having supporters on the ground throughout portions of Africa will greatly assist us.

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