COGWA votes to become COGWA

Laodicea has many ineffective structures


The Church of God, a Worldwide Association (COGWA, a recent UCG break-away group) voted to keep that name:

January 11, 2011 – The meetings began as Interim Board President Mike Hanisko called upon Kevin Epps for the opening prayer. Mr.Hanisko then announced the result of the ballot for our church name. Of the 118 ballots cast, 78 chose “Church of God, a Worldwide Association.” So our temporary name has now become our official name.

No name that COGWA would choose would get me to believe that it will truly focus on proclaiming the gospel in fulfilling Matthew 24:14.

The leaders of COGWA have been used to having such a large portion of church income used for matters other than proclaiming the gospel that it is not likely that they would change in approach.  Another reason I believe this is that proclaiming the gospel was the lowest of 6 priorities that COGA (whose leaders now seemingly have affiliation with COGWA) established.

Furthermore, in all that I have read about WHY the 150 or so ministers/elders left UCG in the past year, none whose resignation letters I recall reading have seemed to give lack of focus on proclaiming the gospel as the main reason for leaving UCG (United Church of God).

FWIW, yesterday,  UCG reported the following about many who are not in COGWA:

The vast majority of this activity took place at the ministerial level and the membership was not involved. When former ministers broke faith and began to widen this conflict to the membership, the Council began to take action. Some former ministers objected to the Council answering questions and protecting the precious flock. A few were terminated, but the majority resigned. They have now formed a separate organization. As evidenced by their actions, those ministers have chosen a different course than that agreed to in the Church’s Constitution, Bylaws and mission based on God’s revealed Word.

In the past, while Council members made numerous good-faith efforts in accordance with biblical principles, former administrators and elders continued to raise the same issues over and over again. Based on this sad experience, it was evident that calling a major meeting just to rehash issues would accomplish little or nothing. Given the open announcement of their plans, long in the making, to form a new organization, it is very evident that any large-scale meeting of all ministers to address old issues would have borne little fruit—because they were acting on previously laid plans and never accepted the factual answers to these issues.

So, in UCG’s view this is essentially the fault of rebels not being reasonable.  My reading from COGWA supporters suggests that those elders/ministers there believe they were the reasonable ones, etc.

If you are or were part of UCG and are confused about what to do, please pray, fast, and study the Bible about this. Decide if you wish to follow the lukewarm or those that Jesus Christ has truly been using to do the work–those who have had the same basic governing principles for over 40 years.

I realize that neither I, Dr. Meredith, nor others in LCG are perfect.  But hopefully we are trying to do the work that the Bible indicates that the church most faithful to the words of Jesus would do.

Those affected by this crisis who wish to support a more effective gospel-proclaiming organization should, despite our flaws, consider checking out LCG, as it has stood for proper church governance and the work since its foundation (which preceded its formation).

It’s decision time for those who have been affiliated with UCG. Most of those part of the COGWA and UCG leadership have already demonstrated, to me at least, that neither group intends to be Philadelphian.  But that the choice of LCG still remains.

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