Oasis: What Bible Translation Do You Read?



The “sister” website of George and Pam Deweys’ Oasis Ministries has a poll about which translation of the Bible do its visitors read (the Deweys were once affiliated with CGI, here is a link to some of the Teachings of the Church of God, International).  Here were the results when I checked:

Which Bible translation do you prefer for general reading?
King James Version  2% 1
Revised Standard Version  7% 4
New International Version  33% 18
New American Standard Bible  9% 5
New American Bible (Roman Catholic)  2% 1
New King James Version  35% 19
The New Living Bible  7% 4
The Living Bible (paraphrase)  0% 0
Amplified Bible  4% 2
Other  0% 0
54 votes total

While I normally quote the NKJV at the cogwriter.com website, I sometimes find the NIV, KJV, and other translations helpful.

Since all translations are done by fallible humans, they all contain errors.  However, even the most flawed versions contain more truth than most non-COG groups have.

Several articles of related interest may include:

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