Ronald Weinland’s Latest Change



Ronald Weinland of CGPFK is a self-appointed “prophet” who claims to be one of the two witnesses and who also claims that the Great Tribulation began in 2008.  Recently he had indicated that on October 10, 2009 he would report new information (an expansion of some of his so-called “new truth”).

Mike at the Don’t Drink the Flavor Aid site reported about that 10/10/09 sermon:

Ron said that the European beast power might not arise until August of 2011, and China might not become prominent in his prophecy until 2012.

This, of course, is another change from Ronald Weinland who originally taught that Europe would rise up and takeover the USA in 2008.  Here is some of what he said in 2007 and 2008:

Next year will see the Dollar collapse and the Euro become the new strength for the world’s economy. The thunders of Revelation are now going to begin to increase in intensity and frequency. Beginning in February, those thunders will increase dramatically, and by April this world will begin to be shaken to its foundations. (November 24, 2007).

And God gave an outline for various things he was very you know there were things very specific there about 2008 uh dates and so forth when things beginning the process uh just like by the time we get to the fifth trumpet we know exactly what’s going to happen that’s when Europe arises. That’s when Europe is given the power they’re given. They fill a vacuum that the United States leaves because we’re going to have an economic collapse here…But even after the terrorism uh actually Europe’s going to uh send a few our way as well. They’re uh we’re gonna be conquered that’s a part of the processes. By the time the fifth trumpet sounds we are going to be conquered by Europe… (April 7, 2008)

Of course, the USA dollar has still not yet collapsed nor has it been taken over (though both will eventually happen).

This is part of why Ronald Weinland is an issue.  Because he has a COG background, he correctly understands that Europe will eventually become THE premier economic and military power and conquer the USA and its Anglo-allies.  However, since he rejected proper church governance and appointed himself as a prophet, he has gone off course and in my opinion is discrediting the Church of God message by making false predictions and statements–and people have been misled by him (cf. Ephesians 4:11-16).

At this stage, it appears to me at least that Ronald Weinland is trying to give his followers some reason to accept that the Great Tribulation has begun without the obvious signs.  And he might figure that holding out a 2011/2012 date may work for a while.  However, the Great Tribulation has not begun, Europe will NOT invade the USA prior to 2013, and nothing that Ronald Weinland can say can change that.

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