UCG Announces Council Meeting Agenda


Melvin Rhodes, Chairman of the Council of Elder of the United Church of God (UCG) posted the following:

In a few days the Council of Elders will be starting an historic week of meetings.

For the first time we will be holding our quarterly meetings by video conference. This will enable the church to save money on travel, hotel and meal expenses.

Because of time differences we will start our meetings at 4 pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time each day. This is 10 pm in Italy where new Council member Carmelo Anastasi lives; and 6 am in Australia where Bill Bradford lives. We hope to finish each evening’s session by 8 pm.

Our meetings begin Monday, August 6, and continue through Thursday, August 9.

On the agenda for this session is a lengthy discussion on a proposed “Public Proclamation Identity” that seeks to fulfill the Media Strategy #9 from the 2012-13 Strategic and Operation Plan. We will also be discussing the future of the Strategic Planning and Finance Committee and the viability of the church fulfilling its mission statement.

A ruling has been requested for Sabbath attire – what is appropriate Sabbath wear at church services for men who speak, lead songs and give opening and closing prayer. The Council will discuss this issue before ruling on it.

In addition, we will hear the regular quarterly reports from the president and operation managers. Other items to be discussed are on the agenda.

UCG is historically known for using a lot of committees and meetings.  That has been a major way in which it tends to govern itself.  There have been various articles from UCG in the past on appropriate attire (mainly for women), and now it seems to feel it needs to make some definitive guidelines for men involved in public aspects of church services.

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