UCG Asks and Receives Kansas City Ministerial Resignation

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As I mentioned a few days ago (see UCG Loses in Kansas), UCG was losing people in the Kansas.  I had gotten an email suggesting that UCG was losing a minister in that general area.  Now here, according to the AC site, is some of what UCG’s, now former Kansas City minister, Gregory L. Sargent, wrote today:

Today [December 17, 2010], I resigned from the corporate body of the United Church of God.

The reason I was asked to resign is because I have supported the good faith efforts to address and to solve the divide and conflict in which UCG now finds itself. The administration of the United Church of God considers my stand as not supporting UCG management. This is a sad irony. Unless I am allowed to use the exact same criteria I have used for over 44 years in the ministry—following and supporting leaders as they follow Christ’s example, I have no other recourse except to resign.

As I reported last month (see UCG 2010 Financial Statements Show Income Drop), UCG continues to spend what I believe to be an inordinate amount of its income on its form of governance and administration. And despite its relatively massive amounts of spending in this area, UCG continues to have major problems with its form of governance.

The more it loses ministers in the USA, the greater its income drop will be.

UCG has long had issues. And governance and administration have long been part of them.

Any interested in supporting the remnant of the Philadelphia era of the COG should prayerfully check out LCG.

Those not interested will either remain part of UCG (or where ever they are), go with one of the former UCG break-away ministers/groups, go somewhere else, or drop out. God will hold all accountable for what they do and do not do.

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