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Yesterday, several of us watched the Angels & Demons episode of UCG’s Beyond Today, which we had recorded from WGN.  It is on immediately after PCG’s Key of David telecast (which I have not seen in many years, and then only once or twice).  This may have been the first time I have ever seen an entire UCG telecast.

UCG uses sort of a committee approach to its telecast.  In the episode we saw, it had a main presenter, Gary Petty.  And then there was a panel discussion featuring Gary Petty, Darris McNeely, and Steve Myers, all of whom are ministers in the United Church of God.

The subject matter was biblically supportable.  The stage, filming, etc. was professional.  My wife commented that Gary Petty seemed to try really hard.  The one son of ours who saw it with us felt it was boring, and not like LCG’s Tomorrow’s World telecast.  The were one or two firm statements related to this subject that were NOT made on the telecast that I believe LCG would have made (and I believe did make on a telecast with a similar topic) and UCG should have made, but that is simply my opinion.

Television has never been a top financial priority for UCG, and going on WGN seems to be its first real effort to put some significant financial backing to its telecasting efforts.  How long it may do this in its current economic state is a question.   UCG will have to examine that as well as whatever fruits it believes the telecast produces.

On other UCG matters, many in UCG are observing a fast today.

In other UCG news, it hopes to reconcile its situation with Latin America, and will read an announcement in services today that basically says the sides would still like to talk.  Here is part of that statement:

It is the Council’s sincere desire that this process will lead to reconciliation. As this process continues, the Council will strive to be respectful of all parties—ministers and members alike. Plans, however, for the newly organized weekly services and Feast sites in Latin America will continue.

The fact that UCG will continue with “newly organized weekly services and Feast sites in Latin America” suggests that the sides are still not that close.  But that can change.  UCG has a form of governance that has led to a lot of leadership and directional changes in its relatively short history.

How long Beyond Today will remain on WGN or similar commercial stations in the future is probably not something that anyone there can probably answer (beyond whatever contractual arrangements UCG entered into).  And its probably best not to comment more about it at this time.

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