Want to Know When Sunset is in Your Area?


Last Sunday, the USA and some other nations changed their clocks to go off of Daylight Savings Time and back to Standard Time.

Because of that, sunset will be over an hour earlier this Friday.

Those of us who observe the weekly Sabbath from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday will need to cease work much earlier this week than last week.  Actually, my office will need to start to close earlier on Fridays the next few months because of this.

Anyway, over a week ago, I changed the link at the www.cogwriter.com home page for sunset times.  The US government had changed the URL and that had made it a ridiculously long process to get the information.  The new link (which is also from the US government) is faster (though not as fast as I would prefer).  Here is that new link for Sunset Times for the U.S.A. (and international cities if longitudinal location is known).

Since sunset will be much earlier in the USA and some other nations this week, if you keep the seventh-day Sabbath, you might wish to look at when sunset will be in your area soon.

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