Dangers of Human ‘Vitamins’ and Human ‘Christianity’


This morning on CNN and yesterday in the Wall Street Journal there were warnings against taking vitamins as multi-vitamins appear to cause elderly white women to die earlier than those who do not take them.  Basically, synthetic vitamins like folic acid and rock forms of minerals were reviewed (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-10-10/vitamins-may-boost-death-risks-in-older-women-study-suggests.html).

Since in Genesis 1:31 God said that everything He made was “good”, what gives with multi-vitamins?

Well, nearly all multiple vitamins sold in the world are a combination of synthetic USP isolated vitamin analogues and rock minerals.  None of these were created by God to be human food.  Instead they are attempts by scientists to by-pass real food nutrition with human-made substitutes.

And when I say that nearly all multi-vitamins sold are synthetic, yes, I mean nearly all sold in health food stores and through multi-level marketing groups.  Those that buy them are normally deceived,  FWIW, I am the first scientist since WWII to have a paper published in a major medical journal explaining why food vitamins are superior to the synthetics that the mainstream supports (this can be found at www.healthresearch.com).  What the recent news items about vitamins (and minerals) have not emphasized is that vitamins (and minerals) in the form found in foods never killed anybody.  Yet, substances like folic acid can (a paper on this can be found at www.healthresearch.com).

Of course, most of what passes for Christianity by the mainstream is also human-developed.  If you are not about to (or actually) observing the Feast of Tabernacles now, you are not following the practices of the Bible and early Christians, but instead relying on human-developed alternatives to biblical Christianity.  And while synthetic vitamins are dangerous physically, false religion is more dangerous spiritually.

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