Did Jesus Speak on the Last Great Day?

By COGWriter

Today, all who can in the Churches of God are observing the “eighth day of the Feast”, also called the Last Great Day.

Although the average member of the United Church of God (UCG) does not seem to realize this, the leadership of that Church essentially says that when Jesus spoke in John 7:37-38 He was speaking on the seventh day of the Feast of Tabernacles, and not the eighth day, the day we normally call the Last Great Day.

What is most bizarre about this, is that in spite of what the top leadership seems to believe, it still allows the eighth day to be called the Last Great Day in much of its literature, hence the average member knows little of UCG’s logic (which I believe is badly flawed) on this matter.

This is discussed in great detail in the article titled Last Great Day study paper.

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