LCG: Tigers on the Decline and Biblical Stewardship

Tiger.  Photo by Joyce Thiel


The Living Church of God reported the following in its latest World Ahead Weekly Update:

Could Tigers Disappear? A century ago there were about 100,000 wild tigers worldwide. Today, the estimate has dropped to just 3,200. Poachers kill about 150 tigers per year, and tiger poaching is a $5 million industry. Habitat destruction is also a major factor in the demise of these remarkable animals. Scientists think that, at the current rate, tigers could become extinct in the wild in the next decade or so (, November 21, 2010;, November, 22, 2010). But why does this matter? The Bible reveals that God gave humans the responsibility to be “stewards” over the earth and its creatures (Genesis 2:15), and that they will be held accountable for exploiting God’s creation. Bible prophecies indicate the creation will suffer when human beings break the laws of nature (Isaiah 24:4-5; Hosea 4:1-3). The Apostle Paul noted, “the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now” eagerly awaiting “the revealing of the sons of God” to “be delivered from the bondage of corruption” (Romans 8:19-23). When Jesus Christ returns to this earth, He will put an end to the exploitation of His creation and “destroy those who destroy the earth” (Revelation 11:15-18). In the coming Kingdom of God, under the rule of Christ and the saints, even the creatures of the earth will find peace (Isaiah 11:6-9). May God speed that day!

Out of India, it was reported two days ago that another tiger was killed, this time by poison:

JAIPUR: The tiger found dead in Sariska reserve last month was poisoned, according to a forensic report whose finding may lead to concern over the safety of other translocated big cats there.

Read more: Sariska tiger was poisoned: Forensic report – The Times of India

Humans are supposed to take care of the planet, not destroy it.

Yet, it will get so bad on this planet that Christ will have to intervene before all life is destroyed–but He will (Matthew 24:22).

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