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Gods, floods – and global warming

By Steve Jones

The new science of geomythology sets out to tie such tales to ancient disasters. Often, geology and legend fit remarkably well…

The greatest tale of all is that of the Flood. Noah finds his roots in older legends. Three hundred Flood narratives are known, from the Americas to Australia (from whence comes the tale of the frog that swallowed the world’s water only to spew it out when the other animals made him laugh). http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/steve-jones/7887202/Gods-floods-and-global-warming.html

While I have long known that there were many accounts of the great flood in Noah’s time, the above piece mentions a few details that seem interesting.

Of course, the account that we in the genuine Church of God rely on is the biblical account.

But the fact that there are hundreds of flood accounts all across the world should demonstrate to any who are willing to think that a worldwide flood did occur.

I have long suspected that some will claim that Noah’s ark will be found in the last days. And some have claimed that it in the past (see Have the Turks and Chinese Just Found Noah’s Ark?). If it is truly found and widely believed, this will rock the view many of the less religious, and likely strengthen the faith of those that are religious.

Hollywood has made several movies about Noah and the flood (including one earlier this year, see ‘Noah’ movie being released–any prophetic ramifications?)–and while several associated with those films likely did not believe in it, if the ark has truly been found, then they and others are likely to change their views.

And while most Catholics, Protestants, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Latter Day Saints (Mormons), Seventh-day Adventists, and Eastern Orthodox probably think that this “find” would be a great recruiting tool, there are reasons to be cautious, if it ever was truly accepted as being found.

Both biblical (Revelation 13) and non-biblical prophecy warn of a time when an ecumenical religion will take over the world. If Noah’s ark is ever truly accepted as having been found, this will likely represent part of a major turning point in getting more of humanity to accept a coming world religion that claims to be Christian.

Since many cultures have a tale of the flood, this will make the coming ecumenical religion acceptable even to certain cultures that do not normally refer to the Bible for their beliefs. Thus a real “find” of Noah’s ark could be important for that unity.

The end of this age is fast approaching, so more information on the flood and possibly even an identification of the Ark certainly seems possible.

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