BBC: ‘Biblical’ moth influx threatens to devastate crops

Diamondback Moth (photo by Olaf Leillinger)


The BBC is reporting that the UK is facing a ‘Biblical’ moth invasion that threatens to devastate crops:

Biblical’ moth influx threatens to devastate crops

June 14, 2016

Scientists have learned that cabbage and cauliflower crops could potentially be “devastated” by a species of moth arriving from continental Europe.

BBC News understands that tens of millions of diamondback moths are thought to have come to the UK in the past week.

This is 100 times the number that arrive in the entire year.

Researchers describe the species as a “super pest” because it is thought to be resistant to several insecticides.

An alert has been issued by researchers at the Rothamsted Research in Harpenden in Hertfordshire. …

Steve Nash, who administers the feed, said much worse was yet to come.

“Once the progeny of this influx arrives in mid-July, numbers could be biblical,” he said.

Dr Steve Foster, who works at Rothamsted Research described how they devastate crops.

“There are swarms of them, a bit like plagues of locusts – there are so many of them that they seem like a brown cloud.”

Crop devastation means food shortages and possible economic problems.

Jesus Himself warned that the “signs” of the end of the age would include famines and pestilences:

7…And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows. (Matthew 24:6-8)

11 And there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven. (Luke 21:11)

How ‘biblical’ this month invasion is will be seen.

Notice something from the old Good News magazine in January 1976 by George Ritter:

While you sleep tonight, several thousand people around the world will be dying — dying from want of enough food. Famine is almost as old as the human race, but famines usually come and go. This time worldwide famine is a fact of life we can’t seem to escape. Why, in an age of science and technology, does man suddenly find himself wondering how to produce enough food? Is famine just a passing phenomenon that good weather and bountiful crops will eventually cure? Or does worldwide famine have a significant bearing on the future of the human race?
To most of us living in Western society, it is hard to imagine that the world we live in is not really the real world. We get our three meals a day, rarely go to bed hungry, and only briefly and occasionally experience the meaning of world “hunger.”
We seldom think about the fact that we are a decided minority among the millions of people that inhabit this planet. Unlike us, many of them go to bed with little or nothing in their stomachs. An estimated 500 million suffer from some form of hunger or starvation. One out of four of their children will die from lack of adequate nutrition before reaching the age of five. Ten to twenty million of their numbers annually succumb to hunger or starvation-related diseases.
Less dramatic, but more insidious, are the effects of long-term malnutrition on these people. An estimated 1 1/2 billion — or roughly one half the population of the Third World — suffer from some form of malnutrition. Three hundred million are children — most of them destined to remain virtual mental and physical cripples for the rest of their lives.
As if malnutrition and hunger weren’t enough, vast segments of the Third World’s populace also have to contend with a host of nutrition-related diseases. Typhus, dysentery, cholera and gastroenteritis are high on the list. A person fortunate enough to escape these may still end up crippled from beriberi, rickets, pellagra, or goiter. And he also stands a chance of going blind like one million of his contemporaries living in India. For people living in such a weakened state, any kind of sickness can be a life-and-death matter. A case of the measles or even the common cold can easily turn out to be a killer.

A Hand-to-Mouth Existence

   Despite the Green Revolution, so-called miracle foods, intensive harvesting of the sea, vastly increased use of land, water and fertilizer, most of the human race continues to suffer from hunger. In viewing the situation, Robert MacNamara, president of the World Bank, was moved to write: “One half of humanity is hungering at this very moment. There is less food per person on the planet today than there was thirty years ago in the midst of a worldwide depression. Thousands of human beings will die today, as they die every day, of sheer hunger” (One Hundred Countries, Two Billion People, p. 33).

Although that article came out over 40 years ago, even today we still face a world with technological advances and hungry people.  But we also are getting to the point where famines/food shortages can affect the more prosperous nations of the world.

Pestilences and food shortages are coming. The UK is not immune.  Nor is the USA.

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