Bernie Sanders reportedly ‘wins’ debate with Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton


Democratic party candidate Bernie Sanders reportedly “won” the latest debate for Democratic presidential hopefuls, though some pundits had issues with him:

The final Democratic debate before the Iowa caucuses was mostly about Bernie Sanders.

Front-runner Hillary Clinton often sounded like an underdog, as she attacked the Vermont senator for flip-flopping on guns, proposing an unrealistic health care plan and admitting that he would raise taxes on the middle class. The former Secretary of State closely linked herself with Barack Obama, praising the president repeatedly as she appealed to African American voters who could save her campaign if she loses Iowa and New Hampshire. She had a very strong closing argument and dominated when talk turned to foreign policy.

But the overnight verdict from most in the pundit class is that Sanders prevailed, even if narrowly. Here’s what they are saying:

The Fix’s Chris Cillizza names Sanders the winner and Clinton the loser“More than anything he said, it was the passion and disruption that Sanders oozed from every pore over the two hours that should push Democrats on the fence about the race into his camp. Sanders effectively positioned himself as the anti-status-quo candidate, a very good position to have in this electoral environment.”

Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis tweeted that 27 of 30 undecided voters in a South Carolina focus group he convened picked Sanders as the winner.

January 18, 2016

CHARLESTON, SC — Whether it was because of his neck-and-neck poll numbers in Iowa, or because of the Clinton campaign attacks on him, or because he released policy proposals in a 24-hour span to protect himself (on guns and health care), last night’s debate here was largely about Bernie Sanders.

And that was both good and bad for his campaign: The good: Sanders gave his supporters more than enough to cheer about; he held his own in facing the attacks and tough questions; and he stuck to his script of talking about his issues (income inequality, Wall Street, campaign-finance reform). The bad: His new health-care plan is actually pretty thin on specifics, as Vox writes; his embrace of tax increases for all Americans is likely dead on arrival if you’ve been paying attention to American politics over the last 30 years; and the Republican National Committee was clearly rooting for Sanders during the debate. (“Clinton’s Misleading Health-Care Attack,” the RNC blasted out to reporters.) All of that said, giving your supporters something to cheer about is a pretty powerful force two weeks before the Iowa caucuses. The question we have: How does Sanders come across to persuadable voters — those who might have their doubts about Clinton, but who aren’t exactly diehard liberals? After all, he can seem a little hot on TV.

January 18, 2016

Clinton did not respond well to Connor Franta’s (with 5 million YouTube subscribers) and NBC moderator Lester Holt’s question about why she’s running behind Sanders by a 2-1 margin with younger voters. Clinton earns a C- on millennials in general and an F for failing to demand speaking time on climate change.

The economy and Wall Street:

Sanders hammered his argument that he is not beholden to big corporate interests: he emphasized his lack of a super PAC and his reliance on working class donors for his campaign. Not once, but twice he reminded us that Goldman Sachs was fined $5 billion dollars for its role in the financial crisis, yet nobody went to jail — even as young people with a little weed spend more time incarcerated in the United States.

Finally, Sanders wondered how someone like Clinton, who takes so much money from Wall Street, can really change the system. This is the theme of his campaign, and he reminded us why. …

Sanders ran into some trouble here. Let’s be honest: Sander’s plans — free college, for example — will cost a ton, and he needs to be more specific on how to pay for them. Taxing Wall Street speculation wasn’t specific enough, and he didn’t provide the answer of how much money that will bring in. So he was already in trouble in the debate, and that’s before he got pounded by Andrea Mitchell for raising taxes on the middle class. Twice. Grade: D.

Clinton’s answers, when compared to Sanders, on how she’ll pay for her programs — especially by not raising taxes on the middle class — were solid. And her plan has been out longer, scrutinized, and deemed plausible. She gets a B.

As far as who “won” politically, the upcoming Iowa caucus, followed by various primaries, will show who certain voters prefer.

Like Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders is pro-abortion and and proponent of the LGBT agenda.

Bernie Sanders is a bigger proponent of legalizing marijuana in the USA than Hillary Clinton (see Bernie Sanders proposes a ‘marijuana nation’) and seems to be more willing to spread tax increases that Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton basically claims she wants to tax higher income people even higher than they now are being taxed).

When the Democratic candidates were each asked what their top three priorities were for the USA, not one of them mentioned national defense or terrorism.  Nor did any of them hint that they wanted to call for national repentance.

But without national repentance, we will see more terrorism (see Why Terrorism? Is Terrorism Prophesied?) as well as more “climate change” (see Weather Blessings and Sorrows) problems.  Ultimately, we will see that, because of debt and other issues, the USA will one day be taken over and conquered militarily according to biblical prophecy (Habakkuk 2:6-8; Daniel 11:39).

We are getting closer to the Great Tribulation that Jesus mentioned which is also described in the Book of the Apocalypse (watch the video 2016: The State of the Apocalypse).  Neither the Republican nor Democratic candidates for the USA presidency have professed a strategy that will stop that.

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