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Who is the ‘Man of Sin’?

Who is the ‘man of sin,’ also called the ‘son of perdition’ in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4? Some believe that he is the King of the North of Daniel 11, as the ten-horned beast of Revelation 13:1-10. Yet others believe that he is the two-horned beast of Revelation 13:11, also known as the false prophet (Revelation 16:13; 19:20; 20:10). Are either of these positions right? What does the Bible actually teach?
Earlier this week, LCG’sRoderick C. Meredith sent out a letter that claimed the following:

One of the most vital yet neglected prophecies in all of the Bible is found in 2 Thessalonians 2…

In verse 8, Paul revealed that the “lawless one”—who obviously has various religious teachings that in fact do not involve obedience to the Ten Commandments—will be revealed, “whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of his coming. The coming of the lawless one is according to the workings of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders” (vv. 8-9). So no local “apostasy” in anychurch or small group of churches could possibly fulfill this awesome prophecy—and certainly not without the one who is in charge showing great power, signs and lying wonders.

For those of you who understand prophecy, it becomes obvious that this great “man of sin,” or “man of lawlessness,” ties in directly with the “second beast” of Revelation 13. For obviously describing the coming military/political leader of the final revival of the Roman Empire in Revelation 13:1-10, the Apostle John goes on to describe another “beast” who comes out of the earth and “he had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon” (v. 11). So this man looks like the “lamb,” Jesus Christ. Yet His message is that of the “dragon” identified in Revelation 12:9 as Satan the Devil! This coming powerful religious leader “exercises” all of the authority of the first “beast” and causes the revived Roman Empire to persecute the true saints…the great false religious leader—the “ false prophet” (Meredith RC. LCG co-worker letter, April 17, 2013)

The above suggests that if one does not agree with the conclusion that the false prophet is the “man of sin” of 2 Thessalonians 2, then one does not understand prophecy. But is the man of sin the false prophet, the second beast of Revelation 13, or not?

On more than one occasion over the past 5 years, I sent Dr. Meredith detailed biblical information explaining why the man of sin was not the second beast of Revelation 13, and until I saw the above, I never really received a negative response from him (though he had previously published older information with a similar position).

Interestingly, in his The Falling Away sermon (recorded on June 1, 2012), Dr. Winnail taught that the Beast, the King of the North, may be the son of perdition in 2 Thessalonians 2.  But it now seems that Dr. Meredith has clearly taken another position.

Dr. Meredith is basically stating that those who have prophetic understanding know the identity of the man of sin, yet his identification is not consistent with scripture.

The New Testament teaches that the man of sin “exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped” (2 Thessalonians 2:4).

The Old Testament teaches that the King of the North “shall exalt and magnify himself above every god” (Daniel 11:36).

The New Testament teaches that “All who dwell on the earth will worship” (Revelation 13:8) the first Beast, the ten-horned beast (Revelation 13:1).

This worship is not directed towards the false prophet. And the Bible teaches that the false prophet, the second beast of Revelation 13 “causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast” (Revelation 13:12).

Read it for yourself in your own Bible.

Even though people will likely worship both beasts, the descriptions in the Bible that describe the ten-horned beast/King of the North are much closer to the man of sin discussed in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 than any about descriptions the false prophet.

Those who truly understand prophecy and who prayfully study the word of God for doctrine should realize this.

Will you rely on traditions of men or what the Bible really teaches?
Who really understands end time prophecy?
Since the Continuing Church of God is biblically correct about this will you support it?

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