Canada Has Trade Surplus, USA Has Increased Trade Deficit

Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada


Canada had a good trade month, but the USA did not:

Canada posts surprise trade surplus

‎Montreal Gazette – 13 January 2012

OTTAWA — Canada’s trade balance with the rest of the world unexpectedly swung into a surplus in November, as exports — led by energy products and automobiles — increased while imports declined.

Statistics Canada said Friday the country had a surplus of $1.07 billion during the month, compared with a revised $487-million deficit in October.

USA TODAY – ‎13 January 2012

WASHINGTON (AP) – The US trade deficit widened in November for the first time in five months. Exports fell for a second straight month while imports rose to an all-time high, driven by rising demand for oil and foreign-made cars.

While this is good news for Canada and bad news for the USA, Canada’s economy is highly dependent upon that of the USA.  But in the short-term, trade surpluses indicate an improved jobs picture which many in Canada will appreciate.  Increased imports for the USA have the opposite affect on jobs.

Despite having natural resources and many overseas international trading partners, because of its geographic location, its economic history, and what is recorded in biblical prophecy, Canada is tied in with the United States of America.

To a great degree, Canada is expected to share the fate of the USA, which ultimately will not be good (Daniel 11:39; Jeremiah 30:7) until after Jesus returns, when problems like actual slavery, which will have been imposed, will end (Jeremiah 30:8).

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