China agrees to North Korean denuclearization

(Photo by ISC Kosmotras)


An announcement that could have prophetic ramifications was announced a few hours ago:

A top U.S. official says President Barack Obama and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, have agreed that North Korea must abandon its nuclear weapons program.

National security adviser Tom Donilon said the leaders also agreed at an informal summit that neither country will accept North Korea as a nuclear state.

Newly-appointed Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi told reporters Saturday that President Xi had told Obama that Beijing and Washington were in agreement on the North Korean nuclear issue.

Both advisers spoke to reporters as the leaders of the world’s two largest economies ended a two-day informal summit in California…

North Korea depends heavily on China for aid and trade, and Beijing maintains close ties with Pyongyang. However, North Korea’s bellicose rhetoric, including threat of nuclear strikes on the United States, has visibly cooled those ties, as have a rocket launch and another nuclear test in the past year.

If this is true, it could be a game-changer for the region.

North Korea needs China’s support and if China really makes this denuclearization a reality, then North Korea may decide that it needs to change some of its ways.

Many of the people in North Korea are suffering and hungry.  If North Korea would shift from being a militaristic nuclear power to more of a food and manufacturing producer, this should benefit them as well as ease tensions in the region.

It also could be a step that could possibly lead to some type of reunification with South Korea.  Which is something that I believe is consistent with biblical prophecy.

Whether this reunification will be because of a war or peace,  or something else (such as waiting until Revelation 9:16; & 16:2), is not clear.  But the situation in Korea will change.  And maybe this is a step in that direction.  The talks that the North Koreans agreed to a few days ago (North Korea says it wants to talk) may also be a step that way.

Sadly, however, North Korea does not always take steps in the right direction, but perhaps China will help.

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