Farming Problems in Canada, Australia, and Pakistan


Farmers in Canada, Australia, and Pakistan are facing problems from “natural” disasters.

Farmers in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta stand to lose up to $3 billion from crop damage due to heavy rain and flooding, analysts from the Bank of Montreal say. (

The worst locust plague in 30 years is expected to hit regional New South Wales in the coming weeks, and the State Government has begun measures to control the outbreak. (

Floodwaters that inundated Sindh province in Pakistan after devastating the northwestern provinces could become an ideal breeding ground for locusts. The locusts are likely to cross over to the western Rajasthan endangering the crops. (

Pakistan has had many problems from the flooding and apparently locusts may be another one.  And as reported earlier (Weather Disasters in South America, Kansas, China, and the Philippines and Russia Halts Grain Exports), other areas also are having farming problems.

Jesus prophesied famines and pestilences as part of “the beginning of sorrows” (Matthew 24:7-8).   And while we are not quite there yet, the stage for this may be being set now.

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