Food Prices in Russia Soar



Because of its drought, food prices in Russia continue to rise:

Food prices soar in Russia after drought

By Stuart Williams (AFP)…

MOSCOW — Prices of basic foodstuffs like buckwheat and flour have soared in Russia over the past month as the effects of its worst ever drought hit supplies, statistics showed Wednesday…The drought, caused by the hottest summer in Russia on record, destroyed one quarter of the country’s crops…

Russia halted wheat (which is not buckwheat) exports a few weeks ago in order to try to prevent shortages (see Russia Halts Grain Exports), but food prices continue to rise.

Russia’s soaring food prices should send a wake-up call to those who do not believe that things can change dramatically for the worse.  Because, things will ultimately get much worse in the USA, UK, and their Anglo-allies, even if there are some improvements first.

In addition to individual repentance for disasterss, the presiding evangelist of the Living Church of God (LCG), R.C. Meredith of the Living Church of God publicly has taught:

Put aside some food and store some water…Bad times are coming, have some supplies (Meredith RC. Prophecy Overview. Sermon, July 19, 2008).

Get extra food, dried food, and water…When these things happen, maybe God’s people can survive longer…It’s good to be prudent (Meredith RC. Do you actually live by faith? Sermon, April 25, 2009).

Tougher times are coming.

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