German Leaders Supporting European Militarization

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German leaders have been more public in pushing for increased militarization in Europe. Notice:

21 April 2022

Germany’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has pledged greater support for the three Baltic states — Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia — during her three-day trip of the region.

“If necessary, we will defend every square centimeter of territory of our joint alliance,” Baerbock said in a statement seen by DW as she embarked upon her trip on Wednesday. The three Baltic states are all members of both the EU and NATO.

“The Bundeswehr has already taken on a leading role among NATO’s presence in Lithuania,” she added. “We are ready to play a bigger role in the security of our partners.”

She promised to contribute more to the security of the Baltic states if necessary.

Baerbock is meeting with the leaders of the three countries in their respective capitals during her trip. The focus of the talks will be the “reaction from the EU, NATO and the international community to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine,” a statement from the German Foreign Ministry said.

Growing concerns over lack of Ukraine support

And on Thursday, Baerbock addressed the growing chorus of criticism of Germany’s apparent reluctance to deliver the weaponry Ukraine says it is in desperate need of to fend off the Russian onslaught.

“There are no taboos for us with regard to armored vehicles and other weaponry that Ukraine needs,” she said after meeting her Estonian counterpart Eva-Maria Liimets in Tallinn.

Here are two items from (the first one which I machine translated from German to English, the second one was in English):

21 April 2022

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock’s visit to the Baltic countries, which began yesterday in Latvia, continues today in Estonia and ends tomorrow in Lithuania, is entirely devoted to the Ukraine war and the West’s military formation against Russia. Baerbock exchanges views with her counterparts and with the heads of state and government of the three countries. …

Years ago, a German newspaper said that in the Baltic States “fears of contact with the Waffen-SS are low today”; “much more important” appears to “many local activists is the turn against … Russia”.[5] The annual commemoration event honoring Waffen-SS legionnaires took place in Latvia’s capital Riga on March 15. They are honored as fighters against the Soviet Union. Years ago, a German newspaper said that in the Baltic States “fears of contact with the Waffen-SS are low today”; “much more important” appears to “many local activists is the turn against … Russia”. https://www-german–foreign–

The Western powers’ strategy is not oriented toward ending the battles as quickly as possible but to militarily weaken Russia and possibly even defeating it. EU Foreign Policy Commissioner Josep Borrell remarked that the war will be decided “on the battlefield.” According to a retired senior US diplomat, transatlantic powers are fighting Russia “to the last Ukrainian.” …

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen stepped up pressure to supply Ukraine with more and even heavier weapons than to date. “I do not distinguish between heavy and light weapons,” she declared in an interview with the German Springer tabloid “Bild.” The Ukrainian armed forces must “get what they need and can handle.”[1} So far, the EU has provided €1.5 billion; in addition, to exports from member states. “It applies to all member states,” the Commission President said, “those who can, should deliver fast, because only then Ukraine can prevail in its acute defensive struggle against Russia.” Concerning the objective of the arms supplies, von der Leyen claimed on the one hand that the Union will “do everything” so that the war “will end as quickly as possible.” On the other hand, she openly contradicted her previous claim by stating “Ukraine can win this war.” One should be prepared, however, “that, at worst, the war could last for months, even years.” …

The German government is also increasing its arms shipments to Ukraine. After the Bundeswehr made anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons along with protective equipment available from its stocks, Berlin now wants to provide additional funds and is considering the purchase of combat equipment for Kiev from German arms manufacturers. Last week, it was learned that, alongside the €100 billion “special fund” for the Bundeswehr, Chancellor Olaf Scholz has reserved another €2 billion for “military assistance” to foreign states – the lion’s share earmarked for Ukraine. This was done under pressure from politicians mainly from the Greens, the FDP, and the CDU. 04/19/22

It should be noted that EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is German.

The Baltic states endured atrocities from the Germans and Soviets related to WWII. Now, their fear is greater towards Russia, so they are welcoming German assistance.

There is also massive fear in Finland and Sweden who also are looking for closer military cooperation with Europe and NATO.

as I have written before, fear is a powerful motivator–and is one that is helping to unite Europe militarily.

Herbert W. Armstrong, the late Pastor General of the old Worldwide Church of God, felt fear related to Russia would be a factor in Europe uniting. Notice something he said in 1982:

Now one of the great things that is urging Europe on, and perhaps the greatest thing that will cause them to hurry and get together on this, is their fear of what’s going on in the Kremlin and the Soviet Union. (Armstrong HW. United States of EUROPE IS COMING! Sermon, November 27, 1982)

Europe’s reaction to Russia’s ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine is consistent with that.

The Continuing Church of God (CCOG) put together the following video on our Bible News Prophecy YouTube channel:


Is the European Beast Growing Horns?

Does the conflict between Russia and Ukraine have prophetic ramifications? What about Ezekiel 38? Are we seeing a ‘historic shift’ in Europe to move towards more unity? What about non-EU nations like Sweden and Switzerland? Is Germany’s announcement to double its military spending to 100 million euros a big deal? Does the Bible tell of changes coming to Europe for it to rise up as a Babylonian unity successful military power? What about the United States of America and its British-descended allies? Could USA sanctions against Russia, including SWIFT restrictions, decrease international demand for USA dollars and cause inflation? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and more in this video.

Here is a link to our video: Is the European Beast Growing Horns?

In the past, German leaders have stated that they want a military that is independent of the USA (see my posts Germany military looking to be ‘Independent of the USA’ and Germans wants an independent European arms industry). It is taking steps for this.

Germany still wants to lead all of Europe–and the Bible supports that this will happen. The fact religion is being brought into this is consistent with various prophecies.

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