ICG and RCM on 2012

“Orthodox” 16th Century Representation of the “Apocalypse”

In his latest update, ICG’s Mark Armstrong had the following:

No matter where you look or listen, you’re constantly reminded of those forecasting doom in 2012. But really, what could go wrong? Other than the fact that vital oil supplies come from the world’s most volatile region and must traverse along the Iranian coast; Iran has threatened and “practiced” closing the Straits of Hormuz; Israel is half expected to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities most any time now; protesters are threatening to “shut down capitalism” this summer with the prospect that law and order could break down; the Arab spring has left every country in its wake in a state of anarchy with the most important being Egypt. We hear that the Syrian government is engaged in wholesale slaughter, and the “international community” (primarily the United States) will surely have to intervene, but other than that…

Note, the above, including with the … is how Mark Armstrong wrote that.  So, tongue-in-cheek, he is commenting that 2012 seems to have a lot of potential for chaos.

In a “must play” sermon that we watched on 2/11/12, Dr. Roderick C. Meredith of the Living Church of God repeated his previous position that he feels that there is a good chance that the demons know certain things that may happen in 2012 and that 2012 may have some significant impacts.

World events are continuing to align with properly understood biblical prophecy–and the year 2012 is a relatively close one to the end of the 6,000 years in God’s plan.  There remains at least two-three biblical prophecies that I feel will be fulfilled, at least to a degree, by the end of 2012, as well as many others that are likely to at least have world events align with them.  And so far in 2012, there have already been many world events that are consistent with end time biblical prophecy.

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